General Wedge Antilles & Wraith Squadron!

Was thinking about new characters to add to game that could expand Fleet Ops.

I could see adding some New Rebels to bolster the Light Side Territory Battle.

So it would start with adding Wraith Squadron. Set up similar to Pheonix Squadron where characters compliment each other.

Kell Tainer
Garik "Face" Loran
Voort "Piggy" SaBinring
Myn Donos
Ton Phanan
Falynn Sandskimmer
Tyria Sarkin
Eurrsk "Grinder" Thri'ag
Hohass "Runt" Thakwaash
Jesmin Ackbar

That will give a full squadron at 7* Capital Ship. A Special Event; possible Hero's Journey, for Wedge Antilles to unlock General Wedge Antilles. Then another Special Event (like Thrawn & Chimaera) to unlock the Lusankya for General Wedge Antilles requiring Wraith Squadron.

Also could add Wes Jenson from Rogue Squadron in there if you want.

I don't do character set-up. Not my department but there is plenty of source material there to use.

For enemies to fight in these events; I would also look to source material. Warlord Zinji is a perfect counter to General Wedge Antilles. You can pull other Warlord Characters from the source material as well to create a completely new faction when you start adding those characters & ships. Very similar to Pheonix v. Thrawn.

So this is an idea for a huge update & I was wondering what people thought.


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