Changes to Credit Heist Schedule
Hiya Holotable Heroes,

I'd like to provide clarification regarding Credit Heist and Droid Smuggling Events.
Credit Heists are indeed scheduled by us.
They are "random" insofar as we do not post the dates on the official forums.
Per posts made in the past (over a year ago) by our helpful devs, we initially sought to follow a cadence and window of time in which Credit Heists and Droid Smuggling events would launch.

Going forward, know that we'll be working to better meet the needs of upcoming in-game events, Character releases, and so forth. Our schedule moving forward may not adhere to previous cadences, but don't fret, we'll continue to run them regularly!
Going forward, the CH schedule will not adhere to previous cadences, but instead will be more intended to support character release or other special events.

So clearly the 6-12 day period is out the window. Can we expect more frequent events? (Lol yeah right) so it would be safe to say CH will be fewer and farther between. Because we get too many credits as-is? The 50 partially-developed heroes on my roster still hovering around level 60-70 would not agree with that assessment. I could use twice as many weekly credits to help these guys out.

Anyway, I do not like this announcement, and my scoundrels that only see use specifically for these events are not too excited either. Poor Greedo. At least I did not gear Cad Bane too extensively.

Resources are rare enough as it is, please do not make it worse.


  • And so began the great credit shortage of 2018
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  • disappointing to see this. we do not have enough credit heists.
  • Kyno
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    sledge7088 wrote: »
    disappointing to see this. we do not have enough credit heists.

    @sledge7088 even with the changes the average hasn't changed and they are still within the 6-12 days..... So what's the issue?
  • Mr_Sausage
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    I guess we should wait and see if it is consistently longer than 12 days before we get the pitchforks.

    I’m not keen on the announcement either but if we continually get CH’s before 12 days I don’t see an issue.

    EDIT: didn’t notice this was a necro.

    No issue. CH’s still fall in the12 days
  • TVF
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    Keep in mind the average has been 7-8 days for a while now. If we end up at like 11 days, it's still within the 6-12 day window but obviously will have gotten worse.
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  • The average is much longer now, if you throw out the bonus one on x-mas, there hasn't been an interval shorter than 9 days.
  • We’ve had 2 in January. I’m not sure how, from a player’s perspective, that is “better meet[ing] the needs of upcoming in game events.” It just seems less frequent.
  • Looks like Credit Heist is going to be on Monday 29th :)
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