Zeta Logray

Anybody out there zeta Logray yet for defense in Territory Wars? My ewok team is at 76,000ish power and I am curious if the Logray zeta is worth it. Thanks in advance!


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    I'm invested in them, logray would be my 4th choice for a zeta after the rest though.

    But I'm firmly in the 'murder bears are rising' camp.

    Not many seem to agree with me, but it's probably because barely anyone has maxed them out.

    Get on it!

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    Can we rotate out the Moderators?
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    Thanks for the info! Sure do love my murder bears! I haven't touched Paploo yet but got Wicket to gear 11. Just wish I had him at 7*. Logray is my only really option for now. With all then critical hits and health coming should be at least a beastly start!
  • scuba
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    Logray was my last ewok zeta, I have them all.
    I do think it is worth it, but not a priority.

    As side note paploo is definitely worth having on the team. His 25% speed bonus is on his modded speed not his base speed.
    And another assist caller is killer.
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    Haven't really started Paploo, sounds like I should. Would he sub in for scout? Right now I'm rocking chirps lead, elder, scout logray and wicket.
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    Zeta paploo is an absolute beast. No regrets at all
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