How come there's always "fast-growing new guilds"...

...while filling that 50th spot takes ages?

It seems to be easier to get 20 individuals to band together in this section than finding that 1-3 guy(s) to get your established guild back to full strength.

I sometimes wish that one of those 49/50 guilds would just give up and release their members to fill up 49 other guilds and make this sub-forum a much less crowded place, lol.

How do you find recruiting these days?


  • Slower than normal. We have 37/50 and getting that up to 50 seems to be quite the task
  • Recruiting has its good days and bad days. We are at 50/50 members but having to replace due to drop in activity, sometimes i can go a week without a single reply then on other occasions i get loads of replies and have to decide which members to bring in. I done all the recruiting for our guild myself, with the exception of 2 or 3 members, got one of my officers helping now. He said he had to commend me for sticking at it everyday as those days where you dont get any replies are tough and make you loose hope. Just got to stick at it :)

    I do think the introduction of TB and TW has made recruiting harder. Seems tough to find members when they are on, but during the breaks between there is a lot of movement.
  • 50/50 in just over 2 weeks since forming :smile: - ppl are put off by what guilds are requiring. So if you requiring a 600 ticket, 1.5mil+ member and other stuff on top, then it will be harder. Our guild ranges from over 2.5mil members down to a 54k member but we just broke the 60mil mark.
  • It’s easy to land low/mid lvl players it’s not easy to land lvl 85 players with high GP it’s a pain. Plus everyone wants gk so if your not fully heroic that makes you less competitive. Some players want max stars they won’t settle for nothing low or average competitive guild can offer. Best best is to round up low/mid lvl guys and build them up
  • Valid points indeed. Certainly depends on your starting point as a guild.

    Let me describe where I'm coming from - we're an all F2P guild, ranking at 110MM GP, bagging 38-40 stars. We'd obviously prefer to have a 3MM guy join our ranks, but we do realize that they're few and far between. However, our ambition is to grow towards 41 stars and beyond, and that's why we can bring in only so many developping rosters.

    But we may have to become a bit more welcoming to newer players. Will see how it goes...
  • I recommend opening up to an active 1.5 to 2 million if he is active them he will grow with you.
    We have a rancor raid rule that everyone with 7 star han waits until phase 4 this gives less powerful members a chance to catch up.
    We have had 50 a few times but we drop inactives. We base it on participation in events and days inactive we don't boot anyone on a first time offense.
  • I lead a 34 million GP guild and can't even recruit level 50 players. It's been frustrating. We seem to be in a special kind of guild purgatory where there is no demographic that wants to be in a solid (certainly not great) guild.
  • It's the people looking they want more then their ready for and they want to get it fast. I have been at this game for a long time grinding away
  • I find a number of people only want what they cant help on. Demanding HAAT at lower than 900k GP seems kinda rude to me. I am not sure which guilds take those types. But its hard over here trying to recruit players so many guilds recruiting that post's get spammed down.
  • That is a problem. Haat guilds taking in 500k members as ticket mules. I understand the need for tickets and active members but it does thin the herd down quite a bit.
  • @goat13 you are correct
  • Totally true than those members get this high opinion that only high level guilds are worth it to them even though all they do is make tickets
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