Anyone else notice JTR squads received some kind of boost?


  • I don't underestimate what it can do at all. I also don't underestimate how poorly it holds defensively against any of the subsequent metas. I actually thought Zaul would make a slight resurgence against the JTR meta due to it's efficacy there, but that didn't come to pass.

    I didn't say anybody was catching up to you. That's long since passed. I said they're pulling away from you. It's the nature of power creep. I'd estimate that your shard is probably about a year old. Everything about your roster and mods tells me you're fully FTP, and that's fine, but you can't always expect parity with those who aren't.

    To my original point, I did over 25 battles myself the past two days against several permutations of JTR squads, most of them recorded. Much of my payout group did the same. No unusual behavior at all, not even once. When I say not unusual, that means we're already aware of the turn meter issues and they're still functioning in the normal broken way in a mirror match.
  • My guess would be that what he seems to be experiencing would indicate, to me, that those RJT teams have been getting increasingly better mods over the past week or two. Even small bumps in speed to the main 3 on that team can help to significantly increase the ID cooldown and TM manipulation engines of that team. I would suggest checking the average speed of those in your shard and see if they haven't starting getting speeds of 260 or even 270 on BB8 and r2's in the same range.
  • As someone who runs an RJT team - with BB8, R2, Scav and CLS, they are very RNG dependent.

    I bet the teams have not changed that much, here is an example of how RNG dependent they are.

    BB8 fastest and goes first, uses CDT, someone gets secret intel, RJT gets TM.
    RJT goes next (in my setup) uses Defiant Slash, call BB8 who calls another - starting here I can land anywhere from 0 to 3 expose which will greatly speed up the whole team if all 3 land.
    R2 smoke screen (or Scav if she got enough tm) but we will assume R2, who hides everyone but CLS
    Now for Scav - who has the possibility to land 4 expose with flurry, if she does that's another 40% tm for all Res members of the team.
    With enough exposes and secret intel, RJT goes again. Then R2 or BB8. If R2 goes and exposes the entire other team 50% more tm and now every time BB8 goes (or any other Res uses a special) the other team loses 5% tm.

    There are times I win matches and the other team barely gets an attack. And other times when expose doesn't land that against the same team I lose Scav and possible CLS before winning.

    It is crazy weird. Similar to running a zFinn team, when the expose pops your way it is a super easy victory.
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  • You guys that are bringing up my defense is an invalid point. The change I am noticing is on OFFENSE. I've said several times now that it is about a dozen teams I could easily beat on offense previously and now I can't all at the same exact time 3 days ago. Defense is not as rough for me as my shard mates don't step on me unless they have to.
  • Again I would make the argument that you are probably experiencing the gains on the mods that these teams have probably been making. A speed bump of 5 on bb8 could be the difference. Or on R2, or Rey or even Thrawn, if they are using him.
  • I encountered the same issue, though it started the week before last. It's intermittent. When Rey first landed she didn't pose much of a challenge, despite the same comp littering the shard (JRey, R2, BB8, GK + Thrawn / Han / CLS). Some people have changed things up and inserted Chopper or Old Ben. Regardless, they were all beatable. I rarely dropped much past 15 (a 105k Titans or Chaze team). For the past two weeks....I've never been more frustrated with this game. I've literally seen the opposing team take 18 turns in a row. I've had to get creative around matchups (Baze and GK work pretty well together, but drop like a rock on D), and if CLS doesn't stick Buff Immunity on GK on the opener, I'm essentially out to lunch.

    Interestingly, I've also noticed on some of these matches that R2 can't stick a stun (while the opposing R2 stuns everything in sight, with 10-15% lower potency), Han crits for 4k and his second non-crit can be as low as 2k and there's a preponderance of enemy dodge's (even when would think...ah,nevermind).

    Some of my guild mates indicated a Bug Report was filed, with video evidence and all, indicating that Rey and BB-8 were getting TM when they shouldn't have been. That 'feels' right to me. I had never seen ID go off prior to last week. I've asked my shard mates what changes they had made to their teams..."None"

    Soooooo, while Occam's Razor might suggest that teams have added G12 pieces and upgraded their mods (because everyone in a PO rotation is surely still mod farming after a year....), I tend to believe that there is some behind the scenes tweaking that is, um, unpublished.

    Does anyone happen to remember, I want to say late summer, a brief period when arena matches were unwinnable - opposing squads were hitting for twice what they normally would, were much faster, etc. etc.? We ended up getting some crystal comp for it. Lasted an afternoon, hot fix had to go out. That's more than enough evidence for me to know that the 'gaming' in this game runs deep. Like Ben said...

  • See I knew I wasn't crazy... these are the same squads I've been battling for a year that went from Zaul meta to Rex meta to CLS meta to JTR meta... these guys didn't all of sudden get a bunch of improved mods and gear on the same exact day. There has been some kind of backdoor change or a bug and it should be put back.

  • If there are buff/nerf/hotfix, then why have to conceal it? It will make people curious and start make assumption. I mean, most of us here not start this game just yesterday. Sure we can easily notice if there is something different.
  • I would guess they would conceal it because they want people to invest money farming for her next event as well as other toons who go with her like Holdo who happened to be in the update that occured right when this issue started for me. JTR was not a good enough upgrade from CLS. Can't stop the meta chase.
  • What exactly is holding you back? Does bb8 no longer die in one shot?
  • Yeah, they totes did a stealth buff that only affects squads from past metas.
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    RacerDejak wrote: »
    If there are buff/nerf/hotfix, then why have to conceal it? It will make people curious and start make assumption. I mean, most of us here not start this game just yesterday. Sure we can easily notice if there is something different.

    Nope. I remember that in the past they released extensive bug fixing notes from time to time. That did not happen in a long while. There was a bug with Death Trooper and Deathmark for example. The behaviour of this feature is back to normal but there was not even an answer in the tickets.
  • OP: Zetas take time. The Rey squads that popped up at first were likely not fully zeta'ed. The amount of zetas in a Rey squad is at least 7: Three on Rey, 2 on R2, 2 on BB-8 (though I'm guessing everyone only ever does one on BB-8). Plus whatever zetas appear on the other two in the squad.

    Not to mention that the other squads are surely trying to constantly improve their team, adding gear 12 (which also takes time), and possibly faster/better mods.

    It surprised me not at all that Rey teams have gotten better over the past month that we've had her.

    You're also forgetting confirmation bias. Rey squads also have a bit of RNG, and that RNG turning against you for a day or two, even in just a slightly higher than avg rate, will extend our human bias to believe there's something even more out of whack.

    Also, as the last month went on, more people such as f2p players have had time to gear their BB-8 and Rey and switch to Rey teams. Teams in the 20 - 50 that you weren't paying attention to before are now able to hit you and drop your team farther.
  • The arena is insane these days. I dropped to 87 yesterday, and moving back up I saw many squads that finish top 10 to 20 in the sub 50 range as well.

    To chime in with my experiences, my FO team still wins on offense and loses on defense. I pretty much exclusively target NS and RJT teams (I avoid titan teams like the plague), and so I've fought lots of Rey teams.

    I suppose I've noticed they are a bit harder, but ironically that's because more underpowered Rey teams are moving up. I have a set rotation to deal with them, so if R2 makes himself stealth tank instead of GK because GK isn't modded properly, that actually can mess me up. But in fighting them, I do feel that Rey teams are the same.

    I dunno - I wouldn't be surprised if a stealth change happened or unintentional bug slipped past QA, but right now I fall on the side of "nothing has changed but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise".
  • A month is a single zeta. Possibly two. Perhaps that's it. Confirmation bias definitely plays a role. RNG isn't as random as you think. We are constantly getting gamed in order to spend more money. It's fine, party of the landscape. Just is what it is. I'm just surprised they went to such an extent to make one hero's journey character irrelevant in arena in favor of the shiny new.
  • On my jan 17 shard I haven’t noticed anything different. I don’t run RJT, but those that do report bonus TM granted to their rey when they are on offense. One shardmate stripped all mods off his JTR(minus 103 speed) and she took more turns than she should have on offense against a mirror match.

    All the JTR runners on my shard that are in chat notice the same thing. They cannot lose on auto and offense in mirror matches reguardless of mods or RNG. That has brought far inferior RJT comps to the top, but no matter to Assaj eats them all. Either way it’s certainly a bug and doubtful they will do anything about it as RJT and her story is obviously the future of this game.
  • It seems unlikely that the developers are buffing Rey (Jedi Training) behind the scenes to get people to invest money in farming for the next time around. The vast benefits of running her on a team are probably enough to generate interest in her and get people to farm for her event. the idea that the people on your shard got new gear from the territory battle or upgraded their mods is more likely than the idea that the developers adjusted the AI to make the RJT teams better on defense.
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    I bet there are more zetas on those teams than there were a month ago.

    I usually battle other teams assuming they have full zetas so my gameplan wont change with time. I also assume their mods are extremely fast.

    For example, i dont stun JTR as my opening move. I also do t try to stun r2, because if JTR is fast, she will cleanse him. I dont hit bb8 unless stealthed expecting his counter plus assist. On CLS titans teams, i dont attack CLS in defense mode or Thrawn while he's fracturing.

    When i assume the worst, my gameplan gets better and there are no surprises or relying on RNG.
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  • Well, my points have nothing to do with a mirror match on auto an unmodded rey should not have a 100% win rate. That’s fishy. Especially since all 10+ RJT runners in my chat report the same feeling.

    Like I said they go a lot against me anyways so I don’t pay attention, but If the users themselves notice, somethings up.
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    Woodroward wrote: »
    Maybe they tweaked the AI on them...

    That may be the case.

    I've lost two battles against JTR teams last couple of days while I don't remember losing one for at least 15 days before that.

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    @Billcarson66 I've hears of that mirror match bug, but i dont think thats what OP is talking about.

    My suggestion was that zetas can make a team drastically harder if you use the wrong strategy.

    In my shard, JTR teams have not gotten more difficult.

  • Here is my problem with jtr teams. Her foresight is bugged. Take gk for example. The wording is the same for him and for her. Now gk hits my cls, he gets foresight my cls counters he loses foresight.
    Same squad but jtr instead. She hits my cls, gains foresight (visible on both in slow mode) cls counters misses and still she gets foresight again. Gk and jrey foresight skill both say at the end of their turn gain foresight. Gk is % ret is guaranteed.
    Now if I can visibly see gk foresight trigger a miss on a counter. With the little bubble. That means his turn ended when he hit my character. But jrey turn ends when your counter ends. I believe this should be fixed to the current gk standard. She still will avoid the counter damage but most likely will get hit in just a second.

    Basically she is getting 2 foresight for her skill when she should only receive 1
  • Arena's pretty frustrating the past month or so. I comfortably sat above 50 most of last year. Now I struggle to stay in the top 100. I'm guessing it's just the power creep. People getting better mods and finally getting zetas on the JTR squads. Things do seems harder than they were, but could just be that I'm behind the times.
  • Hmmm.. there are many proof that indicate something change. What's lack is video.. can someone screen record their team and upload so that we can analyze together :sunglasses:

    Imo, i'm thinkin' that they try something relate to rose n holdo release, so that they sinergize well with JTR team. But somehow in the process something wrong and they haven't found a way to revert it back.. hmm
  • Exactly! That's similar to what I am experiencing RacerDejak... I occasionally get a win against JTR still but it is so few and far between and I barely win when I do. These were guaranteed win teams for me before.

    Welcome to arena. You need to keep improving or you get left behind. I'm amazed you can stay in the top 20 with a zaul squad honestly.

    What I really don't like about this post is you say "RJT squads are harder" but you don't say how they are harder. Are they faster? Harder to kill? Can't get past GK/R2 staelth? Are they suddenly doing more damage? Seeing more foresights? Your debuffs not sticking? This nonsense about it just being harder and the devs are being sneaky sounds suspicious to me.
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    Speaking as someone who runs an RJT arena team, the only change has been when I've powered it up by adding zetas (two since I first began using it), better mods (a couple of major speed increases), or G12 gear pieces (also a couple). And they've increased my combat effectiveness considerably, so I'm positive that what the OP is seeing is the result of people like me making the team stronger, not some conspiracy stealth buff.
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    What exactly is holding you back? Does bb8 no longer die in one shot?

    BB8 and JTR almost always have stealth and foresight whereas they didn't before and illuminate destiny cooldown seems to go 4x faster.
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    Those talking about zetas are still missing the main point.... this all happened in a SINGLE NIGHT. Right when the Holdo update came through. My entire shard didn't zeta up every JTR squad on the same day.
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    I just did 3 runs against a JTR that used to be a guaranteed win for me because his GK is only 6* and I can two shot him. I lost 2 and won 1... barely. Going to upload all videos and post links in a few minutes. I want you guys to keep in mind this battle USED to be 100% win rate because of the weaker GK. I could beat JTRs with everyone maxed out before. I picked this guy because he can occassionally still be beaten.
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