The Final Countdown

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I'm feeling confident but nervous. I should have a 7* Rebel team before the event closes out. They will be:

ST Han - Gear 8
Zeb - Gear 8
Ezra - Gear 8
Chopper - Gear 8
Biggs - Gear 8

Abilities - Level 5 for all, Toon Levels around 66-70

Normal 4/5 star mods (at least normal to me, they are probably just decent).

Concern is lack of significant dps. I hear its easy but that most groups run with ease in gear 8 with a wiggs combo - which I lack.

What are your thoughts peeps?
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  • We're leaving together,
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    The final countdown


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    The final count down

    It's the final count down
    The final count down [2x]

    It's the final count down
    We're leaving together
    The final count down
    We'll all miss her so.
    It's the final count down.

    It's the final count down.
  • Hmmmm... I think you'll be fine, between zeb's cleanse, your two taunters, and ezra's offense. This event was rediculously easy for me, because I had Jyn's leadership with Old Ben and Cassian so the emperor died in one shot with like 8 stacks of expose. The daze from zeb's basic should keep the emperor from going in between your character's turns by shutting off his TM feed to himself on basic, and the stun will help too of course. Vader isn't very difficult to get rid of, but if this is after the rework, you could have a problem. If not, I'm sure you're fine though.
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