What is the fastest way to create at least a 5 star rebel team in preparation for Palpatine event.

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Hello everyone. I am currently level 56 and i am trying to build a rebel team for the upcoming palpatine event. I dont know if it it possible to get a 7 star team (i think not), at least i would be satisfied if i could get a 5 star team which i am half way there. I currently have.
1) Level 5 Ackbar
2) Level 5 Ezra
3) Level 3 Biggs (getting him at least 5 is a matter of days. Galactic war store, cantina node.)

For 4th and 5th player is where i need to hear some opinion from experienced players.
I Currently have a 3 level ST Han. If i get 5 shard per day i should get him at 5 in 18 days.

I am not sure what to do for my 5th hero.

Please give me some advice. Either for 5th or even 4th.
My question is what is the fastest way -in my personal current position- to fill up at least 5 star spot 4 and 5.

Any answers are appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.


  • Waqui
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    Lando from his 8 energy cantina node works well. Hera as well (and she might be available in guild event shop as well.)

    Btw, only 5 ST Han shards a day seems a bit low.
  • Ackbar (L), Ezra, Biggs, STH, Lando should be the fastest way although I agree with Waqui 5 STH shards per day is low so I guess arena isn't treating you well.
  • Lando and Akbar are great together.
  • Crazylazyguy
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    Leia is good and can be farmed from arena shipments, same goes for ST Han and Ackbar, while you're farming one of those, you can also farm someone from the cantina like Lando or Wedge(you can also farm Wedge from the fleet store when he appears). Biggs is probably the easiest to get to 5*, you can find him in Galactic War shipments.
  • Lando. You need him for credit heist too. He should be priority right now
  • Darth_Guts
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    The wedge and Biggs combo is always good, chirrut's heal over time abilities and debuff removal come in very handy against Vader and palpatine's debuff attacks. Leia can increase your squad's critical chance even if she doesn't lead (critical chance or critical damage, not sure now), Ahsoka Fulcrum buffs herself constantly and her basic grants protection up for her and one other rebel, Cassian andor gives all rebels buffs for the first few turns without leading and his grenade inflicts numerous debuffs, his other special helps spreading debuffs in enemy squad, k2 is a really durable tank and if teamed up with Cassian they call each other to assist and buff each other. If you use chirrut and want a tank with taunt you should look at baze malbus too. I use most of these on my rebel squad and I get really good results almost every time. But if I had to pick two out of all the ones I mentioned; fulcrum Ahsoka and chirrut have the potential to make your squad incredibly tough just between their protection and healing buffs. Hope this helps
  • Focus on Phoenix Squad (Hera, Kanan, Zeb, Ezra, and Chopper) Ezra and Kanan are good even outside of phoenix, though within phoenix they are much better.

    If you can unlock EP at 5 stars that's a good start. Don't worry about unlocking him at 7 stars just yet. Seems you have a younger deck so I'm sure 5 star will be quite sufficient for you in competition.

    Good luck!
  • Just realized you asked for fastest way, my b; chirrut and fulcrum only show up in fleet store once in a while, don't even know for baze. The other ones are pretty easy to get shards for though
  • Ztyle
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    Fastest way is a credit card :tongue:
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  • Fastest way would be $$.
    Or u do the safe thing and concentrate on getting a set of 5 rebels to 7* and g.8 and abilities 7. Ur set for the EP event if u have these (the next time it comes, not for now)
    Suggestion of rebels.
    Phoenix squad (also used for thrawn, which is currently recongized as hardest legendary event)
    Wedge (L), Biggs, st. Han, leia, fulcrum or chirrut
    These will easily get u palp
    St han and leia are also needed for CLS, alongwith farmboy, r2 (get 5 empire toons to 7*, g.8 or 9, abilities 7) and old ben.
    Suggest u get these.
    Be patient, events always repeat..unless it marquee, then u miss atmost 50 shards (as they are available on store or nodes or repetitive events by 4 months)
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