Sadly it's pay to play

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I love this game and am a massive fan but surely the crystal return needs addressing YES u get 2 crystals here and ther for DAILIES s but that is do ur quota for a refresh for the guild and again MORE AND MORE items in the SHIPMENTS, I don't mind buying the odd crystal packs but the has to be a way of getting crystals and people don't say arena,GW and all the other ways u earn crystals I get it but just an increase would help f2p aswell.anyways it's something that will never be looked at just a little rant to try and even the playin field


  • leef
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    can't say that i agree. We've got plenty of ways to get crystals without buying them. Very f2p friendly game. I'm completely f2p and i do okay pretty much everywhere (granted, i've been playing for quite a while).
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    Its P2W (earlier/easier) but not P2P.
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    The fixed payout times are the worst part of this game and makes it absolutely family-unfriendly.
  • While they do some things that irritate me immensely, namely not giving you ample warning on new content, this is one of the most friendly F2P games I have ever played. I rarely spend money on anything and I do fine.
  • Kyno
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    This game is about time and planning. Yes time = money. But by no means do you have to be p2p.
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    Agree with the other posters, this game gives out a lot of freemium currency i.e. crystals. If you manage your resources well and place high in both arenas you can clear 800 crystals a day which translates to one piece of gear every 2 to 3 days.
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