Emperor demise - Tier 3

I am just curious. Was anyone able to beat the Tier 3 of emperor demise Mythic event ?
It seems impossible to me


  • Yep second try, if they target anyone but palpy its doable, they went after my rg and vader which allowed my tfp, ep and thrawn to go to work, finished with only rg being taken down
  • Rizn
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    Was able to get by it with Thrawn lead, Vader, TFP, Shore, and Palp.
  • Yes; there are several threads about it in the Palpatine Event subforum: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/categories/palpatine-event
  • 1st try here... think I used zader (l), thrawn, palp (of course), shore & DT.
  • Chagoth
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    Did it on my second try with:

    Vader (lead) no zetas, g10
    Emperor, zeta on his special, g8
    Thrawn, no zetas, g7
    Deathtrooper, no zetas, g10,
    Stormtrooper, no zetas, g9

    Lost three of them but I can't remember which three.
  • First try. Zzvader (L) g12, palpz g11, thrawn g11, tfp g11, Shoretrooper, g9. Lost shore
  • First time one my one account with no zeta on Vader. Third time on my alt account with zeta on Vader. Funny how that worked out
  • Took a few tries but i got it. Use thrawn to fracture luke
  • I did it third try with Thrawn g12 lead, Vader g8, RG g8, Tarkin g10, and EP g9. Vader RG and Ep died fairly quickly but Thrawn and Tarkin lived long enough to constantly swap protection on Tarkin, spam Tarkins' offense down move, fracture whoever was the hardest hitter at the time for the counterattacks and just slowly pick them off.
  • Tarkin is the key for me, the debuffs on rebels and TM removal is nice
  • G10 Zader(l) - G10 thrawn zeta, G10 tarkin, g10 TFP, G7 palp

    78,5k gp

    ~25 tries, but got it done

    Burning CLS wars the key for me
  • Anakin_Skywalker
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    G11 Grand Admiral Thrawn (Leader)
    G10 Darth Vader
    G8 Emperor Palpatine
    G10 TIE Fighter Pilot
    G10 Grand Moff Tarkin

    No good mods

    Thrawn had my first turn. I used Grand Admiral's Command on Tarkin, who was near dead. I used his Intimidation Tactics. And then I used whatever abilities I can. Used Fracture on Commander Luke Skywalker.
    Palpatine only got one turn inflicting 2 stuns. TIE Pilot did the heavy lifting with his damage boost.
  • ChickenFett139
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    Pure speed race again, but with strategy doable.
  • I went in with G11 Vader(z) and Palpatine, G10 Royal Guard, G9 Tarkin, and G8 Thrawn.

    At first I was certain I'd lose, because the rebels were getting bonkers turn meter and just running the match, but they took a breath just long enough for the tide to turn, and that was that.
  • I tried with Thrawn L and don't even stand a chance. Then switched to Tarkin L and defeat 'em all |o|

    Tarkin L (G12), Thrawn (G12), TFP (G12), Vader (G11), Palpa (G11). 0 zetas, pretty bad mods.
  • Went thrawn lead g11 with g10 Vader and palp g11 tarkin and a g10 stormtrooper. Just a case of hoping for rng to go your way so that you can take out cls and then after that they crumble
  • Don't upset yourself putting effort into it.

    Just start, wait, restart if you're wiped before getting a turn.

    Eventually you'll win, nil strategy required.
  • Zevox
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    Yep. Was a little worried when I saw how crazy fast they were, but they didn't seem to hit as hard as I would've expected for a Wedge/Biggs and CLS team.

    G12 Thrawn lead, G11 Palpatine, G11 Death Trooper, G10 Veers, G10 Stormtrooper (because my Shoretrooper is 5*). Zetas on Thrawn and Veers' uniques.

    Won first try with no casualties. Which is surprising since I fully expected Stormtrooper to get killed at the very least.
  • I put in Thrawn lead, Vader, palp, tfp, and Tarkin. No problem whatsoever
  • First time I got massacred but second time I managed 2 stars.

    I'd keep trying as RNG can play a huge part.

    Good luck!
  • TVF
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    Ebbda wrote: »
    First time I got massacred but second time I managed 2 stars.

    I'll admit to not paying attention but did they show stars on this?

    Not that it matters, you can't sim it anyway.
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  • Ryanswgoh16
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    Won first for try with
    G12 1,3 thrawn
    G11 Palp zeta special
    G12 1 Death trooper
    Vader Gear 10 no Zeta
    TFP Gear 10
  • TVF wrote: »
    Ebbda wrote: »
    First time I got massacred but second time I managed 2 stars.

    I'll admit to not paying attention but did they show stars on this?

    Not that it matters, you can't sim it anyway.

    It does... 2* just means he lost 1 toon... 3 would be 2+. Just helps the OP knowing what his team lost playing it (my guess)
  • Got smashed twice then changed the team to Thrawn lead, RG, Vader, Tarkin and EP. The AI took out RG in the opening salvo which worked well. Two starred it
  • g12 Thrawn lead, with g9 tarkin, g11 EP, g10 Shore, and G9 Vader. Thrawn my only zeta on Ebb and Flow. Mainly was Thrawn who killed everyone. Would fracture CLS and let Thrawn counter the whole time. Vader just helped with crowd control by ability blocking everyone then eventually Thrawn would counter them and stun them. lol.

    Took a few tries however
  • Did it in my first run with g12 troopers (zeers, snow, shore and DT)
  • I used Thrawn(L), Vader, RG, and Stormtrooper. No zetas. RNG helped as RG and ST ate all their 1st attacks and EP stunned them all. Moral is, just keep trying until RNG goes your way
  • 3* with Thrawn lead, Vader, Palpatine, RG & TFP. 2 tries. Very much dependant on RNG
  • Kyno
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    t0neg0d wrote: »
    1st try here... think I used zader (l), thrawn, palp (of course), shore & DT.

    yep this.

    Shore and Palp died in the first onslot. took out the rest after that.
  • Well, I just beat it with a “why not give this a try” team born out of frustration, and it sliced right through the fight like a hot knife through butter (to my utter shock). Team was zGar (G10)L, ISC (G10), zThrawn (G9), zVader (G11), and zPalp (G10). Finally, a role for Gar?
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