R2D2 Strategy


So, I know the R2D2 event is going to be out soon, and I just want to make sure I'll be able to get R2 when he comes out with my current team:

Palpatine(lead) G8 8205(power)
Thrawn G7 8506(power)
Vader G7 6268(power)
Tarkin G7 5319(power)
Tie fighter Pilot G7 4755(power)

(all 5 stars)

Could anyone tell me this is a viable team to get R2? Or should I gear up a certain character?
(also does anybody know the exact date of the event?)


  • 1. Probably, might be a bit RNG dependant without a tank though, gear them to 9/10 for 7*.. might want to think about royal guard with his stun on basic.
    2. And yes. The exact date, is known by the developers.
  • lol I was asking when the next even was going to come out.
    Not trying to get him to 7*, just trying to get him.
  • That would probably be fine then. But at 7* I don't think TM reduction works. And yeah no one (besides devs lol) know exact dates
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