TW Match making system..why can't it match us with guilds with similar GP?!?

As the title says, why doesn't the TW matchmaking system pair us with guilds with similar GP? I know from conversations with other players that this isn't an isolated occurrence, so it begs the question of what the *@#$ is going on?? I can understand a variance of several million GP, but why are we being paired with guilds that are 10-15M GP ahead of us. Last TW we were paired with a guild that was in a higher bracket and 11M GP higher. This time its 15M GP higher than us. I've heard reports of guilds facing TW opponents who were over 30M higher. How can this be 'Working as Intended'? I am looking forward to the coming quality of life update, but addressing ties without fixing the apparently defunct match making systems is very concerning. Would love to hear from a developer about whether they are aware of this and what, if anything, will be done to address this imbalance.


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T Pain


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    edited February 2018 isn't always accurate because not all 50 members are typically signed up on it.

    Also, your GP is probably evenly matched based on the number of your guild and their guild that signed up for the TW, but their guild just happens to have better squads/gear/mods.

    I don't disagree with you that it's probably broken, but that's what they are going to tell you.
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