7 star possible?

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Im not sure if i can beat stage 7 with my team.. maybe u got some advice !

Palp lvl 76 and gear 9
Tarkin lvl 74 gear 8
RG lvl 73 gear 8
Storm trooper lvl 67 gear 8
Magma lvl 67 g 7

Abilities are not maxed yet.

What is the most important right now?

Got 35/100 Vader shards .. i dont think i can get him in time..
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  • R2 event hasn't been revealed yet, I guess you have time to get Vader to 7* and replace him for Magma since enemies in tier 7 are inmune to his tmr, try to get some achievements plus the fleet store.

    On the other hand, how is your TFP? I'm not sure about the idea of running two tanks Stormy and RG together. Maybe a more expert person can give you some good advices :)
  • Tfp is not an option.. yeah i try to get vader, not sure if possible thought
  • what are you worrying about
    palpatine rework makes this so easy.
    They will still go crazy fast but they will lose health/protection equal to 20% of max health every turn. it will be hilarious
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    little update: got vader, can I finish it now, or will it be a hard time for me? wanna know if i can gear up han and lea now :pensive:
  • It’s possible, but tfp is really really good for empire teams. I don’t know if you can but try to get him as high as you can since both he and his ship are useful. I have him modded for speed so he goes quick and puts up foresight so he dodges attacks all the time
  • With those levels highly unlikely. Also, magma is pretty useless there, since you can't remove turn meter.

    Not sure if rework will help you that much.
  • It looks like your Palpatine is ready, Vader is getting there, and the rest need some work. The big things I see are a lot of low level abilities and no mods on most of them. So I’d build up the abilities of the toons you plan to use for the event and farm mods for a while. You already have five characters starred up. Now, you just need to get their abilities and mods to match their star level and then you’ll be good.
  • I tried magma on the last go around and just wasn’t worth the effort when getting to later levels.

    My team:
    Palps g10 bordering on 11
    Vader g10 bordering on 11
    Tarkin g10
    TFP g9
    And ST g9 bordering on 10

    No zeta just omegas and I think it will be enough for this next go around
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