P3 zAV team help.

So, of the usual zAV team, im lacking bb8 on 7*, so unless he drops by soon (im ready to grab him) i cant take him to the raid.

My question would be, who can take on his spot to make the team reliable?

I thought of two options,

Since bb8s main role is to provide immunity to the ohko mechanic, a character who can mantain buffs would be needed.

Cheif nebit can mantain himself buffed (and taunting) 100% of time almost, and he has the special jawa synergy for raid that would call an extra attack which would mitigate his pale damage, but that wouldn't work once i get to p4

Or princess leia, with her crit chance to all on basic, would immunize the entire team from tank and bombing run, with the downside of splitting the rebel assists (but having high damage to help compensate for the lack of illuminated destiny)



  • The usual being

    Ackbar lead, CLS, thrawn, ventress, bb8
  • HK666
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    If you have both already level/geared you can try both by just turning your phone on airplane mode or whatever equivalent.

    I'd start with Leia, but I really don't know. Think she'd be a little more reliable. Might have to tm swap to her if CLS moves to much for her to keep him buffed
  • Cls losing buff isnt kuch of an issue because he has call to action
  • Your forgetting about the huge factor that is illuminated destiny if timed right it can be the early difference between asaaj killing all the side droids/turrets and having a big whiff and leaving them all alive. Plus all the extra damage from ID is I believe pretty crucial to get the clear in p4 before enrage
  • JKRevan
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    I am fully aware that ID makes a Huge difference, but its not his MAIN role on that team.

    thing is, my guild is on the smaller end of the spectrum, and we have yet to start doing hAATs, im building that team in hopes of handling the brickwall that is P3.
  • BB8 should be back soon so unless you see your guild going for haat in the next week or two it shouldn't be a concern.

    That being said I agree Leia would be better in p4 the only downside I see is less called assists because she can only stealth so often.
  • I thought about trying Jawa Engineer, since he provides buffs to the entire team and has an assist on his basic (and his basic doesn't trigger counters), but I imagine timing would be crucial with him. He could also provide healing since Ackbar is pretty fragile and doesn't have health steal until G12.
  • VonZant
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    I havent tested her yet But Nightsister Initate provides a 2 or 3 turn crit up buff. And she will benefit from asajj lead. She also hits pretty hard.
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