Is a non EP squad viable for the R2-D2 event?

Hello :)
This is what I am trying for R2:
my 6* toons are all upwards of 80/100 shards. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting R2?
I don't have EP and I've read that that will hurt. Any suggestions are appreciated, I'm new to the forum


  • Gear seems like it’s ok. Not great but ok.

    Speed, however looks to be a problem. If you have any mods with speed, I would invest in them between now and the R2 event. Especially the top right mod (the arrow pointing northeast) is a great way to get some speed going. If you find even a health mod in that slot that has a speed primary, it will be +30 speed once it is fully upgraded. Difference between 130 speed and 160 is significant.

    Good news is that this event will not happen in March, so you have time to save up some credits and get some speedier mods.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for the advice! is there any way that I can farm solely the arrow mods? or can I only sim the challenges and hope for the best?
  • DanteD
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    Oh also i use tarkin as my lead, is that speed better than an unzeta vader lead?
  • Mod store is you friend for getting speed primary arrows, and speed secondaries.
  • DanteD
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    Is it worth it to buy them with crystals?
  • If you figure 5* arrows with speed primary drop roughly 2% of the time (which is fairly accurate based on my experiences and those of my guildmates) and 3rd tier mod challenges cost 16 cantina energy each, you should get 1 (on average) for every 800 cantina energy spent. If we change that to crystal equivalent, it’s 6 and 2/3 refreshes. Since you can’t actually buy a partial refresh, we’ll say each 5* arrow with a speed primary is worth 7 refreshes, or 700 crystals. So if you see a 5* speed primary arrow for 700 crystals or less, go for it. But if it’s being sold for a couple thousand crystals, it’s not worth it.
  • DanteD
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    wow that is both impressive and much appreciated, thank you very much.
  • Whatelse73
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    Well, as strange as it sounds, I did it with Veers lead, Snowtrooper, Vader, Tarkin, and Royal Guard. I had to omega the heck out of the team, but I had no zetas at the time and got through it after a couple days of upgrading, swapping mods, and retrying. I did finally get it done, but it would've been much less painful with EP. lol Your team with Tarkin lead looks like it could do the task so I think you're set with that. (Especially with Tie Fighter Pilot's special for buff immunity, that ought to make it wicked easy.)

    You look fairly new, so I'd say start working on your phoenix team and get them farmed up quickly. You can use them for both the EP event and Thrawn. You'll probably have a couple months before the next R2/CLS event so don't panic farm too quickly.

    Good luck,
  • DanteD
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    Thanks for the advice, i played when the game first came out and got up to level 80 when that was the highest but then stopped playing for like a year haha. Anyways ill get started on the phoenix team. However, in regards to CLS, should i postpone my rebel players, i thought that would come up right after R2 in about the next month or so.
  • Kai_Mulai
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    For CLS, you’ll need Farmboy Luke, Old Ben, Stormtrooper Han, and Princess Leia in addition to R2D2. Looks like you’ve still got quite a ways to go in farming them. Han and Leia are both in arena store, and Luke and Ben are both in cantina nodes. At your arena rank, it’s probably going to take between 2-3 months to farm them all, and CLS is likely to come back around then as well.

    It’s also worth mentioning that being a year behind your arena leaders means you stand little chance of catching them now until after you get and gear up Commander Luke, Jedi Training Rey, etc. So if you’re playing to unlock and build up more characters and see what they can do, you’ll enjoy the ones that have come out since you’ve been away. But if you want to play competitively, you’re probably better off starting over from scratch.
  • DanteD
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    Awesome, i think i'll be pursuing that then, thanks for the advice!
  • DICE
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    Something I haven’t seen mentioned in here is the massive speed boost Vader received since the last time this event came around. He should be getting +80 speed just from what you’re bringing into the fight and the enemy squad. With that in mind, he should definitely help you control the tide of the battle. Aside from that, you’ve got a pretty good squad. Biggest thing is to focus down r2 first because once he’s dead everyone else follows really quick. Full disclosure though, EP makes the fight trivial at best.
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