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So let's start with the first thing. I'm an old player, about 2 or 1 years ago I stopped playing this game. A lot has changed and I literally forgot how everything works and what to farm. The thing is that I really want to get Luke Skywalker (Rebel) and farming, ST Han, Ben, Leia and Luke farmboy is easy. The worst part is R2D2. I've got 6 star Vader, 5 star Palpatine, and these are basically the best Empire characters I've got. I'm not really an F2P player so energy isn't a problem. My worst problem was creating a decent team, always. I need a good Empire team for R2D2 event when it comes to the game so I can later on start Luke's event. So the real question here, is who to farm to get 7 star R2? I know that Grand Moff is good and I don't really want Thrawn to my team. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  • Vader, Palpatine, TIE Fighter Pilot, Tarkin & (Royal Guard or Magmatrooper)
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    Colonel Starck has a permanent spot in guild store and is needed in DS TB
  • Royal guard could take some time to farm to 7 star.

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    You have to ask yourself do you want the best empire characters or do you want minimum effort characters that are good in other areas of the game.

    The minimum effort team is Palpatine lead, Vader, Tarkin, Stormtrooper and Tie Fighter Pilot,

    Vader Tarkin and TFP have 3 of the better ships in the game, Palpatine is an easy event and storm trooper is an easy farm.
  • I've decided to first farm Palpatine then I'll make a team.
    Palpatine (lead), Vader, Tarkin, TIE Fighter Pilot and Magma Trooper
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    DangBusta wrote: »
    EP, Vader, Shoretrooper, TFP & GMT will get the job done nicely & set you up reasonably well for Arena. Magmatrooper is an easier to get option if you don't have LS Hard battle 9-B available to sim.

    Can get them all to 7* by farming from Cantina/LS/DS battles & free store purchases (GW, PvP, Ships etc) except EP who you can't farm, you need to win him from his Event with a 7* Rebel team.

    No way he gets shoretrooper 7 stars before CLS comes back. Plus, if he doesn't have some of those toons 7 stars yet, I'm guessing those hard nodes aren't 3 star if they're even unlocked.

    I wouldn't rely on EP coming back before CLS either. Hopefully you can get Vader to 7 stars and then GMT, Magma, Storm, TFP and Starck will likely be the path of least resistance. You'll have to gear them to make them successful too. There are 6 there to give you an option if farming is sluggish on any one of them.

    Good luck!
  • I'm going to buy 15k crystals and see who I can farm.

    I thought about first getting Palp to 7* when he comes back just to be prepared I wanted to make a team.
    Leia, ST Han, Ben, Wedge and Bigs, I asked people in my guild but didn't get much help. If I farm Leia, Ben and ST Han, I'll have 3 good rebels to use and 3 characters needed in the cls event.
    What do you think?
  • I'll keep that in mind!
    I'm going to use the rebel team I said earlier, Old Ben, Leia and ST Han, 3 of those characters are needed in cls event and after I get Palp to 7 stars, I'm going to make an empire team :
    Palpatine (lead), Vader, TIE Fighter, Tarkin and Magmatrooper
    After I get R2 I'm going to farm Luke (farmboy) and waiting for cls event, thanks for the help, I appreciate it!
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