Superlatives in ability descriptions... too many contradictions

There are currently WAY too many abilities that are direct contradictions to one another without ANY sort of in-game clarification. This problem is only going to get worse as new abilities and new status effects are rolled out in future character releases. There really needs to be some sort of index for which abilities trump other abilities.

It originally began quite a while ago with healing immunity VS health equalization. There was an outcry, and the description for health equalization was updated.

It progressed with advantage (“guaranteed” critical hit) VS Crit immunity status effects. Apparently, immunity > guarantee.

It moved on with annihilate/execute “can not be revived” VS NSZ “this revive can not be prevented.” In this case “can not” is used in both descriptions, yet one trumps the other.

Today, to my chagrin, I found out HY’s Grand Master’s Training, which clearly states “can not be prevented” in its description, is trumped by both Pain and Isolation from the new Sith. So now, “can not be prevented” takes a back-seat to descriptions which don’t even have any superlatives in them.

Can we please just stop using superlatives such as “guaranteed” and “can not be prevented” in ability descriptions when there are clearly so many contradictions? I’m a December 2015 player, I can only imagine how confusing it all is to new players.

Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble!


  • msb14
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    I hate the ones that state the ability gives bonuses but doesn’t provide any quantitative definition of the bonus. For example, Geonosian Soldier’s special ability Swarm:

    Deal Physical damage to target enemy and call an Assist. If the Assist is a Geonosian Character then provide a damage bonus to both attackers.

    How much is the damage bonus?
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