zzAsajj(L) 21M without Thrawn or hermit yoda

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21M(60% of P3 + 100% of P4)

I know, this is not special anymore.
But like me, there may be other player who wants to attack the tank without thrawnn or hermit yoda.
I have been trying hard without knowing whether it is possible without a protection recovery character such as Thrawn or Hermit Yoda.
So, I wanted to share information for them.

TMR is a little short, but enough to cover 60% of P3.
CLS or Asajj should be the target of a special attack on the tank, which was enough with R2.
In P4, it was good to catch one by one B2 first. Especially, good for R2 cooldown management. So, I could go to the end steadily.
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