SWGOH: Q&A w/Producers - 3/17/18


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    1) When will we have access to farmable Ship Omega Ability Mats? Abilities that require them have been in the game forever, but there has never been a way for f2p players to aquire them?

    2) Would it be possible to get percentage drop rates for Chromium / etc packs? Apples new rules seem to require this, and it would be a huge gesture of good faith. Also, as proof that it isn't a death sentance and an example of it being done well, check out Granblue Fantasy (not in english by default, but you can change it with the 2nd button)

    3) When will we / any plans to eventually get a raid involving fleets?

    If you can only answer 1 question, please use this one ----> 4) Would it be possible to get Sabine back in a farmable location? It sucks that f2p in new shards pursuing Phoenix squad now have no choice at all in who to farm.
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    Can we please have a practice mode for PVP? Most games I've played in the past have included this feature.
  • scuba
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    Question 1 (Most important)
    Why does it take so long to get any information or traction on bugs for old characters? The new "non-free" characters seem to have bugs fixed right away however if a bug shows up on an older character it just seems to get ignored and linger. As a player I just want my characters to work as advertised be it they are 1 day old or 2 years old.

    Some examples of ignored bug reports, at least ignored as far as players can tell


    Or if acknowledged no further follow up, no fix nothing

    Question 2.
    Why do we not have mod management with set savings or even simply a remove all button?
    This new sith raid was designed with some new things in mind. Well P1 would be great place to use tenacity mod sets that you will use no where else in the game. So instead of clicking couple of buttons I would have to go thru and remove 6 mods and then search for each one to add one at a time to the next charater. This us tedious boring and I would just rather say oh well send a team in an auto it.

    Question 3.
    As you (CG) has proven with the sith raid how over powering potency is vs tenacity (in order to make debuffs useless in the sith raid you had to sky rocket the bosses tenacity) are you looking at changing the boost tenacity mods give? Or revamping the potency vs tenacity system all together?

    Question 4.
    Why did you (CG) decide to make almost ever debuff essentially useless in the sith raid? Basically if a debuff is not un-resistable it is useless in the sith raid. Brute force is not fun nor challenging and many if the fun things about teams and synergies is gone because of this.

    I will leave it with these simple questions for now.

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    No Answers??? Or am I missing them?
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    Hello Carrie, Thank you for taking time do this.

    State of the game
    I am in a 6 guild family. We’re always having to shuffle people around now. There is a lot of burn out going on right now. 3 raids, TB, and TW is to be too much content. We have been losing players left and right who are quitting because the game has become a second job.

    Sith Raid
    Our top guild can complete the raid, 2 others can complete a t6. The other 3 are struggling with t4. It seems like this was not play tested at all. Many members find the raid demoralizing. The difficulty does not match what is stated “gear level 8 and level 80 requirement”, I have a member who has 6 gear 12, 19 gear 11, 13 gear level 10, 10 gear level 9, 17 gear level 8 characters this member can only pull of 2-4% in each phase of the sith raid. He is not alone in this struggle.

    I would like to make a suggestion that you remove Sion protection in phase 1 on tier1-tier 4. These rosters are not equipped to deal with this mechanic.

    I understand the not being able to find every bug when a new content is released but when Dark Side TB was released it was like no one tested it at all and just pushed out content. I feel the same about the sith raid. I know there are a lot of my members that do not want to be EA/CG guanine pigs anymore.


    We need a new mod management system. There needs to be something where I can move mods from one character to another without having to look at all my mods.


    Now let’s get to energy, for some of players from that started playing from launch having to log on at all hours of the day has become tedious. I have a energy refresh at noon, 6 and 9 for free energy. I would suggest that accounts over 85 are able to collect all of their energy 1 a day after the arena has ended. The burn out from this and the arena has become real.

    When a person with a collection score of 3,840,534 is getting beat by a player with 1.1 gp there is something broken. What is the point of arena if no teams hold on defense?

    Thank you for doing this,

  • LukeDukem8
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    Is there any way to remove gear all together from the raids and increase the currency to compensate? This would allow us to buy the pieces we need and remove the frustration that goes with having 1000's of pieces of one gear.

    The point of any game is to have fun and let the players be in control. Keep the rng to game play only.

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    I do have questions about territry wars defense team setting. In the update notes it is said that the number of defensive teams will increase for higher tier guilds. But I think what is considered as higher tier guilds that need to be addressed. Like is it 100Mil+ GP guilds or like 120 mil+ Gp Guilds. Because it is really helpful to know beforehand how many sqauds do you need for each territory considering every member participated.

    Also , one more thing about the communication part. It is always nice to have some hints for F2P players on the forums. And it is really helpful if the legendary events are mentioned in a calander beforehand after they are launched for first time. It is really annoying not to know about that and prepare for a legendary event. Same goes for Heroes journey events. I can understand for the first time launch that its kept secret for business purposes but it does not make sense to do it a second time. At least you guys can end 1/4 of the complaints there just by doing that when you publish a months calander. All we want is like good communication. Delays do happen and I think its fine to address it when that occurs. But just thinking that delays may happen and for that we dont want to let people know about any event does not help at all! I hope that changes too.

    The other thing about the sith raid is like the stacking tenacity. You can keep the mechanics and can do it like 5% stacking instead of 50% because those bosses already have high tenacity at level 100. We already can't escape in the raid and No team can do a full solo phase now as per date. But you can make other teams viable in the raid too just by twieking some numbers. It feels like this raid is only for whales only because they can clear it. And then i am afraid the game will be broken again when traya comes into arena. I do hope that changes because now we have to farm the specific characters who is showing good dmg numbers and cannot use what we have already does frustrates us. For launching of the raid I think you could have done things a little different approach like including more players for beta testing like TW so that you can have good numbers to compare results. And also launch a raid after it is tested and see if that raid is beatable in current state of the game or not. I am not saying it has to be easily beatable but at least that can be done from your end.
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    Will you please revisit raid rewards? Challenge gear makes us all sad.

    Except carbanti. There are too many toons that need this piece. What is your plan to address it?

    Can we have mod management? Like mod sets. So we can group six mods together and move them as a group from toon to toon.

    Thank you
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    Thanks for doing this Q&A, appreciate your time.

    Will you please consider addressing mod management in game? It is the most common QOL complaint I hear among high end players. The ability to create sets that could be moved - all 6 pieces at the same time - would be incredibly useful.
  • Xgoosx
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    Timetable on updates to galactic war store,cantina store and challenge gear? I understand the purpose behind a gear grind, but we could all use some new content in these areas.
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    TAC gear challenge (Mace Windu).

    Are you ever going to add anything vaguely useful that we will ever need to this challenges rewards?
  • Memearino76
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    1.Why has grievous not been reworked/is he going to be getting one in the near future?
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  • Ariben
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    Why does the ship ability mat challenge have zero zeta mats as an option? Is there a possibility of any change on that front for a guaranteed minimum other than zero?
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    Is there any way we can get more of an advanced notice on RETURNING events? I understand not announcing new content super far in advance but for returning events like r2, jtr, thrawn, Palpatine, CLS, etc. more than just two days notice would really go a long way in the community. I understand that not announcing them makes people spend money, but resources are so spread out for newer players that we really need some idea which direction to move in. Even just a week or two in advance would be helpful. Half the threads on the forums are people complaining and guessing and trying to figure out what’s coming next.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    Most important question for CG: How about now?
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    Hey guys thanks for this great game and we really appreciate all the effort that you guys do. My question is Why do I have so much bad rng in this game? I know how to play it (3.2 million gp) but I constantly have REALLY bad luck when it comes to for e.g. in raids I Solo the Pit and end up way down the bottom of the payout list (worst prizes) every time. Can’t seem to get good stats on mods either just to name a few. I contacted EA about this and they said they’re aware of this and gave me 200 crystals (which I never received) I don’t care about the crystals, I do care about this problem though. Please can something be done. Thanks.
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    When are ship hardware abilities and ship omegas coming to the game? Ship omegas have been unobtainable by F2P players and needed for ships for a while and "Hardware abilities coming soon!" has been there for about a year.
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    Apologies, left this question out accidentally.

    The thousands upon thousands of tiny gear pieces.... can we get a crafting feature that would, for instance, turn 8 mkII items into 1 mkIII item?
    Still waiting on that edit forum profile setting so I can change my name...
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    Ok, 2 simple ones:

    Why don't we have a targets list/slider in Arena instead of the refresh targets button?

    Why did you take down the Game Update Status thread? (That was a very helpful one.)
  • Bettz
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    Thank you for the forum here. Just a qq on the gold challenge gear in raids...for the highest tier of pve that is such a slap in the face reward, can you plz remove that from haat and sith rewards?
  • StarSon
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    Good evening! My question revolves around prescribed login times. I understand it is important that we login for so many minutes per day, but why are we forced to do arena during dinner time? Many players must choose between doing well in arena, and cooking dinner. Are there plans or a possibility of some way around this, i.e. either a change to arena payout system or a way to change one’s payout time?
  • FalenLacer9
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    Thank you for your time! I only have one question I'd like to add, and that relates to down time between tb and tw. If a guild loses a player and wants to recruit a new one the window to add them to the guild and have them be able to participate in guild functions such as tb or tw is very short. For example, there is 1 hour between the end of tb and beginning of the active "locked" phase of tw. Is there any chance we could look at that scheduling so that there is a 24 hour window where guild moves could happen between tb/tw etc?
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    Do you think you would be at all interested in a monthly Developer Stream? More specially a livestream on Twitch (30 minutes - 1 hour in length) where you guys could overview some degree of content. Not necessarily bug fixes, but maybe a tease about new content, some behind the scenes stuff (Artwork, Character Model, Event Design, Kit Design, etc.), and with some time allotted to a short Q&A at the end with the livechat. I have always found myself excited for SWTOR Developer Streams and I think it would be good to see and communicate with you guys in preference to a wall of text all the time.
  • TeshKarhann
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    What is the general opinion and leaderships’ opinion about incentivizing play at certain hours of the day without giving players input as to when those hours are? Many of us have families and also want to play swgoh competitively, but it is hard if not impossible to do both.

    Specifically thinking arena, store refreshes, and flash events which are fortunately gone.

    It feels as though this structure exists to make people pay for the crystals that they should be able to otherwise earn but are choosing to spend time with family. This complaint is common enough that you must know many people choose this game over family time at the end of the work day. Allowing us to choose this time would help enormously to relieve this pressure.
  • Ariben
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    Right now my account has in-game chat on one device and does not have it on another. I cannot be made an officer no matter which device I have last logged in to. I have a case in with Answers HQ/help.ea.com (which is largely seen as a fruitless purgatory by the player base). I'm being told that it is a matter of being underage on that device. However, (a) all devices had in-game chat prior to the 2/28 update (that is what broke in-game chat on one device) and (b) there is nothing I can do to change any age associated with the account.

    Are there any plans to change how age on the account is handled? What can I do to get my situation back to what it should be before the 2/28 update?
  • Jeric
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    Color me impressed. After a series of controversial decisions and growing discontent that boiled over with frustrations from the staff and the player base, I think that this is an appropriate platform to start to rebuild the relationship. The first part of this post is going to be more of a statement, followed by a suggestion and maybe a wish list item.

    My main concern with communication appears to be acknowledged with the announcement post that preceded this one. I know that the players are extremely passionate, regardless of monetary investment. I appreciate when the content creators and staff of CG playfully banter with us, but the last few days has been mildly contentious. Do you have a soft-skills program or recurrent training for the customer facing ambassadors of CG and the development team? If so, perhaps revisiting it would be a beneficial move. A have a feeling that even with the unpopular decisions recently, it would have gone down more smoothly with a different approach.

    One suggestion I have would be to involve your Game Changers program in helping to evaluate and craft messaging for the community. Perhaps reach out to them to get a feel for how some decisions would be received. They all have NDA's so you have some amount of risk prevention built in. These players have a good feel for the community. Use them.

    One wish list item - perhaps add a PvP element for guild members only. No rewards, just a mode where guild members can battle each other's arena teams to help with internal theory crafting and even building rapport within the guild.

    Anyway, thank you for hosting this Q&A
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    Any chance we can get an update on when Mother Talzin, Wicket, Zombie & Spirit will go into “more traditional farming locations”? It’s been a couple months since you guys said it would be “soon”. Not expecting a specific date, but I along with a lot of other people are wondering if this is still going to happen. Also having 2 Wicket and Mother Talzin events this month was really appreciated. Is this something we can expect to be a common occurrence going forward?
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    Will we ever see you guys have a pack in the shop for zeta mats, the way you do for omegas and purple mats
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    Will we see new Capitol ships soon or improvement to the original 3? 49 of the top 50 fleet squadrons in my fleet arena are Thrawn Capitol ships. (#44 is a Ackbar). Fleet battles used to have balance before Thrawns ship could be 7-stars. Now it's one sided.
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