Looking for feedback on CLS Event team

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edited March 2018
Current squad: http://swgoh.gg/u/nevesnotrab/squads/51542/Z0TOUN0GH3/

Assume I have R2 at 7* G8 (I haven't unlocked him yet, but my Emp team is strong and I should get him at 7* and 85, and with luck I should get him to G7 or 8 pretty quickly). Also assume R2 is not Omegad on anything (since idk when he will come around again, idk if I will have enough ability mats to get him up high enough). Also assume R2 has bad mods (as idk if I will have time to kit him out properly)

No zetas, everyone else is omega'd (not my fictional R2).

Think this will be enough to get CLS when he comes back?


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