My Suggestions for Making Shard Shop actually useful

Title says it all - my personal list of suggestions for making this feature usable while also keeping the world economy the same:

1) A challenge, maybe Sundays only, should allow players to accumulate Shard Shop currency. Make Tier 3 drop 100 credits per clear, so that a max-level player only accumulates 300 currency per week.

2) All characters should be available all the time. You can still only buy shards for them 1/day with no way to refresh. It's outrageous, given that it would take MONTHS to farm a character from 0-7* in the shard shop, to also add an element of praying they show up in your shipments to the list.
--As a compromise to the above, if they really aren't feeling it, at least make Vader + Chromium-only heroes permanently available here with a rotation of farmable heroes as well.

These are modest changes and would still make it a lengthy process for a F2P player to get a usable Darth Maul or get their Vader to 7*, but currently it's so cumbersome as to be 100% useless to F2P players while ALSO being miserable and time-consuming for P2P players. With these changes, a P2P player could more quickly accumulate what they want with their massive currency, while F2P players could either scrimp and save for months and months to get a chromium exclusive, or better actually use the shop to accelerate their farming for tough-to-farm heroes like Rey, Ima Gun-di, Barriss, and Dooku.


  • I dont think they are interested in sugestions to improve the shard shop. I put a post about adding cosmetic items instead of characters and it got moved to the 'off topic' section. Other posts I have made have been flat out deleted
  • I love the challenge idea. Keeps the masses of F2P players happy but doesn't mean that you have to spend years saving shards.

    Can someone confirm my math here too. Grievous costs 80 shards to unlock meaning you need 18,000 shard shop points to unlock him. You get 75 points for trading is 5 shards. This means that you have to trade in 1,200 shards just to unlock Grievous... Provided it gives you a 4* character, you will still need to trade in another 3,750 shards to level him to 7*.

    That's a total of 4,950 excess shards. Now given that even if you have the currency to buy the excess shards from the various shops an average player would get 1200 points from Galactic war (15 shards) 800 points from the squad arena (10 shards) 400 from neutral battles (5 shards) that gives a total of 30 shards per day that you can buy (not counting hard mode or the once from neutral battles).
    To buy all the shards to get 7* Grievous would take 165 days... Too long EA, too long...
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