Let's discuss HAAT for a minute

HAAT had always been a phenomenal part of the game. Personally my favorite during to the fact that I'm no whale. I had to get creative and find teams that worked. The amount of combos I had tested was amazing and the amount of creativity that went into it was truly inspiring.

HAAT was one of the reasons why I got hooked with this game. All 4 phases were so well made. Each phase provided a great experience and the balance of it was really good. Sure some times I was mad that some factions didn't have the damage to topple but still HAAT was so much fun to play.

All that changed as soon as BB8 came into the game, making haat trivial and allowing players to solo most of it. Now there are players who can even solo the entire thing from start to finish with Wampa and BB8...

To me this is really bad for the game as HAAT was the best content we had and now it's gotten beat by a single team. There were so many teams I was eager to try. I never actually got to gear and zeta my clones or my Phoenix due to lack of resources. I was so excited to the idea of using them for p2 and p4 but unfortunately the game's lack of gear and zetas never allowed me to get there. I never had a chance to gear or even star chirpa and try the chirpatine, due to the fact that cantina was filled up with legendary toon requirements so I couldn't spare energy for the characters I wanted to get.

Now even if I managed to get my clones geared and zetad, and my Phoenix, and chirpa, I would still not be able to use them. This is of course because BB8 has made HAAT so easy that I wouldn't even have the time to do it even if I wanted to.

My guild blows HAAT so quickly that it's not even possible to try new teams especially for phases 2 through 4. If you delay due to some bad rng, huge chunks of each phase are gone, some times you end up losing the entire phase in minutes. And good luck convincing 49 other people that they should not be soloing multiple phases because you want to try stuff in a certain phase. Your only choice is to join them and use the same team and go for the score.

I know some folks out here will go with a radical solution and say that I should "leave my guild and go join a small guild that can barely do HAAT and help them out while having fun in HAAT". But honestly do you realize what's at stake with such a decision? Not only would I have to leave friends behind but also have to cope with lower TB and TW rewards, as well as not being able to do the higher tiers of the Sith raid. This is simply not the right solution.

I understand that soloing haat is good experience/challenge of it's own, but I would much rather do it the old fashioned way, having to use a different team in each phase and try new stuff all the time.

I personally don't enjoy the Sith raid, HAAT is still my favorite raid and it always will be and I just hate that one character has basically ruined it.

The devs should be proud of the tank raid and learn from it but at the same time they also must learn that they shouldn't gives us characters who can have such impact on them...


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    Isn't that the whole point of content? As we all progress it gets easier and then possibly trivial?

    I don't think they released BB8 with this intention or goal, and I don't think they could stop us from finding ways to get better at a raid as time goes on.
  • You could always drop to a lower guild and help them clear it. I'm sure there are guilds out there still trying to beat it. For the rest of us, clearing it is just a chore to do to get the rewards. Time to move on to bigger and better things.
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