New Player Farming Guide 2018

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Are you a new player in search of expert advice for when you just start out? Are you farming Clone Wars Chewbacca and are not sure that is a good idea? The Gamer Changers are here to help, with beginner videos to help you decide who to farm and other information that will help you become the top player on the holotables!
Game Changer's Beginner Guides

  • Complete Beginner + F2P Character Farming Guide for 2018!
Mist Passiert
  • Beginner's Guide: Character Farming from Cantina Nodes! SWGoH
  • Beginner's Guide: Hard Node Farming! SWGoH
  • Beginner's Guide: Resource Conservation - Crystals! SWGoH
  • Beginner's Guide: Galactic War! SWGoH
  • Beginner's Guide: Daily Activities! SWGoH
  • Beginner's Guide: Gear Farming!
  • Beginner's Guide: Guild Activities & Tracking 600s! SWGoH

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