75k credit pop up didn’t work [MERGE]

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We discovered an issue where some players saw the pop-up, but did not receive the 75,000 credit gift. As Carrie mentioned we doubled up the reward today, however, we're additionally going to re-run the original campaign for those who did not receive it the first time around in the next couple days. I'll update this post when the fix goes live.

In the end, everyone who played on Tuesday and Wednesday will receive a total of 150,000 credits. Thanks for your patience!


I had the pop up issue back in December when they offered all those special bundles via pop up only so today I specifically watched my credits when I clicked collect gift and sure enough, nothing happened. Anyone else? I rarely get pop ups in game. I mentioned this during the Christmas pop up fiasco and never got a reply. Some people apparently get pop ups every time there is a pack change in the store yet I don’t. I’m not really complaining about not getting pop ups but if you are going to do these special rewards that way, I’d certainly like for them to work and to Actually get the rewards.
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  • Seriously?
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    Anyone else? I got a pop up saying I got credits and to come back daily for more. No credits ever showed up. Reset game etc etc. still nothing. Last time I got a pop up and didn’t get what the pop up said was the Kylo shards and it literally took 3 months to get them. Customer support legitimately told me to wait until the end of the event to see if they some how show up. That was in November and the event was technically over in February. So I’m not going to even bother with a support ticket for missing this. But if there’s better stuff coming I just want you guys to be aware of the bug.
  • Banth
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    Same. Same on the Christmas one too. I didn’t let them slide on that and made a support ticket and they told me to wait until February and check back. Literally months. I’m assuming they just thought I’d forget or give up. But I didn’t and kept refreshing my case to make sure it stayed active and on Feb 1 when the event was officially over apparently I reopened the case and got my stuff in a few minutes. Just like what should have happened from day 1 instead of being told to wait 3 months.
  • I clicked the link but it didn't even connect me to the forum. Came here on my own to read the news.

    Also 75K, that's it. Make it a million and maybe people would actually follow the link to read what it has to say.
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    Idk but I want my free credits now
  • SeanutB
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    Same, I just came here to bring that up myself. Tapped on it but nothing happened. It said come back every day for some sort of reward, too? I'm unsure. Maybe I didn't notice a change because it's such a small amount.
  • 75k is fairly irrelevant, but yeah, clicked collect and got nothing
  • It should show up in your inbox....
  • Ploosh
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    I was thinking maybe a mk3 training droids ....
  • Banth
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    Lucky.. all I got was a bug :neutral:
  • a tank of gas
  • Banth
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    75k is fairly irrelevant, but yeah, clicked collect and got nothing

    Thing is that they are giving more out and while I agree that 75k ain’t nothing to write home about, if it’s bugged and they drop a zeta mat or two it’s gonna be yet another fiasco...

  • yea no where to be seen for me either, i mean it's a very small gesture so no big deal about not having them but they did offer it so uhh where are they?
  • N1c0
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  • I got mine, went to mail after I clicked on collect
  • gas for my starships
  • Maybe they are releasing porgs into the game and they cost 75k?
  • NShweky wrote: »
    It should show up in your inbox....

    Nope. Nothing in my inbox.
  • Didn’t work for me either...
  • JaaiaLandis
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    Ikky2win wrote: »
    NShweky wrote: »
    It should show up in your inbox....

    Nope. Nothing in my inbox.

    Nada in mine either.

  • Nope not for me. Nothing in my inbox
  • I got mine. So is this an everyday thing were they give us a free gift? I didn't read the pop up.
  • NShweky wrote: »
    It should show up in your inbox....

    After clicking on the popup, I got a note in my in my inbox saying that I had received the credits. It was not something I could accept (like rewards), I could only dismiss it.
    And it didn’t appear that I got the credits.
  • Give it back, and see what's behind curtain 2
  • I'm gonna finally activate Admiral Holdo n Rose then level Holdo to 35 with a little pocket change left over for the shipments shop!
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