75k credit pop up didn’t work [MERGE]

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We discovered an issue where some players saw the pop-up, but did not receive the 75,000 credit gift. As Carrie mentioned we doubled up the reward today, however, we're additionally going to re-run the original campaign for those who did not receive it the first time around in the next couple days. I'll update this post when the fix goes live.

In the end, everyone who played on Tuesday and Wednesday will receive a total of 150,000 credits. Thanks for your patience!


I had the pop up issue back in December when they offered all those special bundles via pop up only so today I specifically watched my credits when I clicked collect gift and sure enough, nothing happened. Anyone else? I rarely get pop ups in game. I mentioned this during the Christmas pop up fiasco and never got a reply. Some people apparently get pop ups every time there is a pack change in the store yet I don’t. I’m not really complaining about not getting pop ups but if you are going to do these special rewards that way, I’d certainly like for them to work and to Actually get the rewards.
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