Dev Blog - Daily Login Changes - 3/28/18 [MEGA]


  • We need more omegas too!
  • MathYouC
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    FWIW, April has 30 days and the pictures show 31 days. So I’m not convinced the login toon is Greedo. That could mean we might need to slow our roll about a BH rework for April. I hope I’m wrong, though!

    Ha. I just noticed it says March too
  • Skynibbler
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    Great but who’s kitten do I have to :o for a stun gun around here?
  • Greedo? :flushed:

  • Yay! Like this very much!
  • Jeric
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    I'll echo the approval that the others have displayed. This was a good call and I love the reasoning behind choosing the 27th and 31st.
  • TY for zetas!!! :) As a suggestion; raise the character shards to total 60 pieces, that will be more valuable. 2 zetas per month is a great reward but 42(if im counting right ofc) character shards is low tbh
  • kalidor
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    RacerDejak wrote: »
    Greedo? :flushed:


    Yeah - next March :)

    Pretty reasonable changes to the login, and the zeta(s) are an unexpected bonus. Old chars are fine IMO. That calendar just reads "45 shard currency, 60 shard currency, 75 shard currency..." to me - nothing wrong with shard currency.
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  • Boomer8800 wrote: »
    @CG_Carrie will there ever be where we get a "Full Zeta"? (20 Zetas + 13 omegas + 30 Purple mats) items needed to actually create a usable zeta? at this rate you dont even get the 20 zetas needed in a one year login period..

    The point is not to get all your zetas just from the daily login. Daily challenges, achievements, ship shop and TW rewards will make up the bulk of your zeta collecting. This is just an incentive, and a dang good one at that.
  • Azza
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    Great look like they give us alot more comunication just before Marvel Strike Force come out XD they want us to Stay here lol

    Being a Canadian guild, I can tell you that Marvel strike force will not significantly impact swgoh. Out of my 50 person guild, we all tried it. 49 stopped playing marvel and 1 stopped playing swgoh.

  • jstehly
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    It is a nice update. If I were given a choice I would have voted for Mk 3 Carbanti Sensor Array Salvage or Mk 5 A/KT Stun Gun Prototype Salvage as daily login rewards. I need about 20,000 of those combined right now.
  • I like this. So next month I get even more shards for whomever is the reward toon of the month, more credits, more crystals, an omega, and a zeta? That is cool. It wasn't like those low end droids where remotely needed. This is a good change.
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    Calm down boyz, this isn't about them starting to be mindful about the community, their $$$ went down with all the kittens and there's some future competition from a game with better graphics, similar system and they're just planning ahead.
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  • Ploosh
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    Love it Carrie!

    My only thought is why not just eliminate the training droids altogher? Those would be great spots for some high end gear shards, like 5 stun cuffs, or even a few omegas. That would top this off and make it perfect.
  • urtil
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    I now officially hate February!
  • Edison
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    I can get down with this. If the rest of our updates are this solid and well thought out, it could mean a new age of GoH
  • Ploosh wrote: »
    Love it Carrie!

    My only thought is why not just eliminate the training droids altogher? Those would be great spots for some high end gear shards, like 5 stun cuffs, or even a few omegas. That would top this off and make it perfect.

    totally agreed!!!
  • Thanks you, a lot of information about it, always has impact to help all the players
  • Well this is warmly welcomed! Thanks!
  • Kevern_Zaksor
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    Zetas in the daily log-in rewards?
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  • Ender22
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    Huh. Daily rewards mean something now, even a bit to me, a far late gamer. I didn’t even hardly look at the rewards before.. just like I don’t even always remember to do the TAC gear challenge..
  • Nagyon ott van a játék
  • It’s very fitting that the person who is saving us all from our despair and turmoil is using the picture of Princess Leia. Great communication, great QoL update. I hope this is the start of something new for us all. Thank you devs :smile:
  • Loved this thanks devs !!!!
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  • Man! This is great!
  • I think it should be a upgrade ticket to make a 6* to 7* asap.. To make a better game experience and make it easier to get a character.
  • gufu21
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    This is fantastic: here's what we're working on, and here are some player-focused reasons why we think it's a good idea.

    I think my favorite part is that it's actually in real, straight-up language, not the evasive PR-speak we've often gotten up to now.
  • Love it!!!
    Also, Greedo as April's login toon, and Carrie said the login toon indicates a direction they're going in...
    Closest thing to a BH rework hint yet??
  • Huge Question nobody at CG has answered and I have asked alot, in several forums. Please, respond and let the community know-
    In Territory Wars, why are rewards different for all guilds with different GP? All winners should get the same rewards, just as all losing guilds should get the same. The stronger guilds get better rewards, and the lower guilds put in just as much time. If even possible, we can't catch them, but this makes it even harder. Why don't they winners get the same rewards across the board?
    Your response is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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