How I would have wanted Last Jedi went

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1. Scrap that whole luke and kylo thing. I would try and explore the Kylo Evil root more: Perhaps Luke was trying to hide that his father was Vader to his student, and that being han’s son he was being trained especially harsh, and kylo’s natural strong connection to the dark side of the force is corrupted by his emotions. Being connected to the dark side is not inherently a bad thing. As kyle katarn said there is no good or evil in the force, only how you use it. Troubled by his emotions, perhaps he had a vision of what is to come, that he foresaw one day he would kill (SPOILER) his own father.

Thus he was afraid, but didn’t dare to tell Luke about it, because he is scared that Luke would see him as a monster. A kin-killer. Little did he know that Luke’s father was the Dark Lord who tried to kill his son, in a way similar to his situation. When young Kylo approached Luke and asked him for advice, Luke simply told him the generic jedi stuff, controlling your emotions and all. He nurtured doubts about luke’s teachings, all the while feeling powerless in the flow of fate. He feel destined that he would kill his father. He wants more power, power to change the future. Like vader. Vader who tipped the fate of the universe, who brought balance to the galaxy.

Here’s when snoke comes in, who tempted him with power, to outperform all other students of Luke. To make his father PROUD, to SAVE his father, to CHANGE bis fate. All he needs to do, is to retrieve the sacred text from the temple, and steal them for snoke. He got drawn to the sacred text, and Luke was there to stop him, but as Kylo stood there at the entrance, Luke sensed nothing but SNOKE standing there. Clouded by Snoke’s decption and power, Luke drew his lightsaber thinking to defrat this unknown sith. Little did he know kylo was the one standing there, horrified, as his master drew his saber on him. Thinking that his master is trying to kill him for stealing and betraying his trust, as well as finding out his dark side and his vision, Kylo was forced to react, all the while screaming at Luke trying to make him stop, but Luke being the grandmaster bested him with little to no effort. As Luke went for the finishing blow, his sabrr seared across kylo’s face, perhaps blinding his right eye, Luke saw that it was his student. Horrified and shocked, Kylo took the chance and ran. And never came back. Now that leaves you wondering. What is in the sacred text? Is kylo destined to kill his father? Or does everyone, after all have a CHOICE?

It makes Kylo killing han scene a much deeper one. Kylo was simply fulfillimg his destiny. His vision he foresaw so long ago. He is sorry, but he knew killing Han would simply be a step closer to what he had seen. Did He stabbed him by choice? Or by fate? Was he in control, or was it simply kylo bowing down to his destiny?

2. Carrie’s flying in space was because of Kylo. Being force sensitive doesnt give you an invisible space suit. Nope. Not even when you are dying. At least not without training. As much as I love carrie fisher, this is just way out FAR. Make Kylo be the one who saved her. Perhaps he was still good in the inside. Perhaps he regretted killing his father, and he saved her mother by force lifting her to safety. This also shows Kylo’s POWER beyond the blaster scene in ep7. His demonstration of control of the force while flying in a star fighter, force lifting at extreme ranges and his concentration.

3. Snoke should not have died. Excellent actor and potential, wasted opportunity. I know that they don’t want another sidious, or some generic evil guy, but killing him off like that is just dumb and lazy plot writing. Snoke being so mighty and powerful should have known kylo’s intention. I would have added a scene where Kylo force leapt at snoke in the last second, attacking snoke with his lightsaber, while Snoke laughs maniacally while blocking it with the force (inspired by Vitiate cutscene in swtor the game against arcann) imagine how powerful he must be, to block lightsaber hits with sheer power in the force and hand. Then as Kylo was being defeated by Snoke, rey backstabbed him with her lightsaber, in which Snoke laughed and slowly faded away, his laugh replaced by that of KYLO. Heres my twist: snoke was the projection of KYLO. His connection to the dark side of the force is so strong, that he unconsciously projected this inner dark self, an alter ego. A projection of his dark side’s self. It explains why Luke sensed such darkness in him, and why he saw snoke in 1. Above. It explains the mysterious appearance of this master of the dark, since he exists as long as kylo exist. He has long struggled, Kylo being the struggled “apprentice” while Snoke being the “master”. But in reality, Kylo is the true “master” while Snoke was merely his evil consciousness talking to him and representing the face of the first order unbeknownst to hux and the others. As rey killed snoke, she in a way had cleared Kylo’s doubts and fears. He is no longer afraid. He KNOWS what he is now. Snoke is no longer a separate entity. He’s now a part of kylo. His consciousness corroded. He became the vessel of the dark side. A horrifying abomination. This also echos Rey’s scene in the dark hole, where she saw reflections of herself. She was trying to find, to search her parents and what she’s facing and struggling, but she found no answers. In fact, the hole showed her exactly what she was looking for. Her parents being nobody, and that she was facing herself as kylo is facing himself.


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    I think Lucasfilm should make hundreds of versions of every star wars movie so nobody is salty when things don’t happen the exact way they expect/want them to. In fact, every fan should submit their own scripts to be made into movies because clearly they know more about filmmaking than professionals who have been doing it their whole lives.
  • My list

    1. Luke and Kylo: Explain how Luke made the new Jedi order and was doing well, especially Ben but as his power grows, his dark side grows stronger, Ben keeps questioning about his grandfather aka Vader but Luke won’t tell him because he fear that his amusement in him will lead him to a dark path, but that’s what exactly happened, Snoke stepped in, using that “mind thingy” to corrupt Ben, Luke knows this then try to mentally fight off Snoke, but Ben trust Snoke so question Luke and Vader, and question if light is the right choice then in a sudden, he made the dark side choice and kill off every student in the new Jedi order, get a little scene where Luke is focusing in the force then notice the death of his students, he stood up but can’t fight Kylo because it’s his nephew, instead Snoke mentally attacks Luke, this result in a furious battle but Luke couldn’t fight off both mentally and defend against Ben physically at the same time therefore lost. Also explains how Luke ran off like a coward and he felt ashamed of him like that

    2. Rey’s origin

    At the start of the movie, reveals a flashback of Rey’s memory, flashing “No, no, please don’t” meaning her parents abandoning her. I also have a theory where Palpatine’s ghost possess Rey but her natural powerful force fights against him so this explains the powerful dark side inside her, also portraying Luke finding the Palpatine inside her so won’t teach her anything

    3. Resistance and First Order

    The resistance attacks the first order offensively, giving them an advantage but Furst Order’s superior military given them an upper hand, this results in the loss of Resistance, of course no Hux abuse, scrap Holdo, keep Rose for another purpose, First Order puts an advanced tracker device, Rose knew this and told Finn, Finn told Poe, instead of Rose and Finn, it’s Finn and Poe, they try to persuade the high rank resistance but fail, resulting in a group split, Rose stays, Finn and Poe disable it, at the end they realise they need to work together to take out the first order, at this stop, they reach the first orders snoke’s fleet, Rey is in there, like how the story works except Luke did teach her something because Yoda appears and stuff, so Finn and Poe disables it, then the Palpatine inside her sensed that Snoke is Darth Plagueis aka Sidious’s former master, she says it out loud, Snoke stunned, then realise the Palpatine inside her, try’s to destroy her but the Kylo Ren think about the elevator(Elevator: insert Rey and Kylo life lesson scene) then stepped in and teamed up with Rey and try to defeat Plagueis, cannot defeat but result in a fleet split, Snoke and them seperated, Kylo Ren redeemed, reunion with Finn and Poe, then battle on Crete, Plagueis single handedly rekt the resistance, then Luke steps in, IN PERSON, fights Snoke, he realised he’s too old and not strong enough, then Old Ben death, buy time for the, to escape at last, Rey and Kylo landed on the new Jedi order temple, with Ben, Luke and Yoda’s force ghost there ready to teach them, then spark of the resistance quote Andy end the story
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    Everyone, please stop writing novels here. Self publish your own novel so people can not read it irl. :#
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    Here is what gets me...

    Remember when characters in a story needed motivation to make their action sensible?

    Why did Rey care about Kylo in the SLIGHTEST??! Why would she want to save him??! Considering...

    1. She didnt know him.
    2. He killed some1 she looked up to/cared for.
    3. He was trying to destroy the resistance.

    In RotJ, luke had motivation for trying to save Vader. It was daddy issues, but still...

    Don't even get me started on Finn's flip-flopping constantly, Roses obsession w/ Finn without any motivation once again, how badly Holdo was played out & how bad of an idea it was to change writers mid story... change directors all day long... but letting some1 take a story going in one direction & just scrap every plot setup that was added in the first movie for no other reason than "I got a better idea!" was the worst thing they could have done.
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