Do you enjoy TW?

Hey everyone, we have 4 TW every month and was wondering how other players enjoy this event. I am sorry to say it, but I do not enjoy it. I am really thankful for all EA team what they have done for these two years but TW is something that is not interesting at all. There is no desired reward, or better to say reward which will motivate people to show good level of participation in it, no new mechanics, basically just PvP vs AI, no tactics or features.
At least 20-40% of members from the guild, when they see a message TW is coming, simply not happy. And it’s not only from the guild I am in, I asked other players whom I know in realty and they don’t even want to participate.

It would be nice to see in TW as 5 vs 5 battles for the territory, or cannons and droids + teams; or at least spectate a battle. And there much more to add...
Again, I very happy with this game, I am playing it for 2 years and I love it. Thank you EA for all your great graphics and ideas and everything what was done.


  • Zeta mats aren't desirable rewards?

    I personally quite enjoy TW but I'm a relatively new player so I only have 3 squads and two fleets to worry about. I can see how higher level players could get burned out. It seems to me that limiting the number of squads you could set defensively and use offensively could lead to some more tactical decisions rather than throwing the kitchen sink at it.
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  • SeanutB
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    I really like TW. I get to put some weird squads together. Plus it's pretty relaxing. Casual but the guild can direct simple strategy if it wants. Plus it ends with nice guild event tokens.
  • BrtStlnd
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    I enjoy the zeta mats.
  • At this moment (minus TB) TW offers the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to decent rewards. At 60M GP or higher you get a guaranteed zeta win or lose. By far the most enjoyable part of the game for now. Compared to the kitten that STR is I would do TWs twice every week.
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  • I much prefer TB, and see TW as a burden if you’re coordinating the whole guild on a win (officer in a 135mil GP). But TW gives you zetas and the new raid is a slog... so pick your poison I guess. I think 2 in a row is too many.
  • I don’t like TW at all and the only reason I play is for the zeta mat(s) and event coins. It’s always a miss match every time one way or the other. I would prefer 2 new TBs with added zeta mats.
  • As far as gameplay goes, TW is fun because you have to learn how to play these other squads without your meta arena squad.
    What's not fun is that almost all battles come down to speed so whoever has had better rng with speed mods has a big advantage.

    It is nice to get zeta's for a reward, that is not the complaint. The complaint is there is no major advantage to winning. So why spend all the time and stress to win if your rewards are not worth the time and stress?

    To me a simple solution is to increase the rewards of a win by the strength of your win. This will move guilds to put more effort into TW and find it more exciting and worth while.

    For example:
    Losing no territories = 4 zetas
    Winning with +1 territory over your opponent = 2 omegas
    +2 territories = 4 omegas
    +3 territories = 8 omegas
    +4 territories = 12 omegas
    etc. etc.

    They could also do smaller achievements. Like if you reach 100 successful defenses you get a boost in credits or guild tokens.
    Or if you have 200 successful 1st attacks you get credits or guild tokens.

    Stuff like that would definitely improve TW in my opinion. but it definitely has to be things that are attainable and the rewards actually enticing.
  • NicWester
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    I miss them.... My new job has an odd schedule and it’s easy to forget to do attacks because my participation window is so small.

    So I stick everything on defense and don’t do any attacks... But at least I’m contributing!
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  • Goodgil
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    It's my personal favorite gamemode. Instead of using the same team over and over again, you have to plan your entire roster to form several viable teams. It's the only thing where you're really forced to work with your guild, not just with a random correction of players who happen to be together.
  • I enjoy TW. Maybe more than any other area of the game. It sounds like the issue the OP has is with his guild and not with TW itself.
  • It was fun, but it's just become about GP and the match-up. We've been super organized and lost, we've been busy and stomped the enemy without a care. The chance of it being even enough where really taking time would make a difference in victory is remote.
  • I dont care for them and have wanted to see double the rewards and just 2 TW a month. However, people brought up a good point. Just dont join if you dont want to play them. I know that is easier said then done but thats what we have to go with for now
  • Ephran
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    BrtStlnd wrote: »
    I enjoy the zeta mats.

    My guild is only 65 mil gp and we only have about 35 players in TW. We've never won because the matchmaking is terrible and never gotten a zeta from TW, so my guild generally hates them.
  • TW are my favorite part in the game. Win or lose, unless it's a landslide it's usually fun.
  • Hate TW completely. That said the zeta mats are very needed always. The sad part is most don't care if they win or lose as the difference in rewards are not gigantic. I always join and always put all my best on D and try to take down a team or two usually unsuccessfully as all my best toons and even moreso MODS are stuck on D and I'm outsped which equates to a very frustrating loss 99% of time. There are many things wrong with this game mode and mods are a serious issue or rather one big aspect. Speed is all that matters. If the mod doesn't have speed it is useless. Fix this junk!
  • No, the rewards are underwhelming
  • They are fun when:
    -You get to use your seldom used, under geared squads. Ewoks, FO, whatever synergy teams you have at g8 or 9 from some event then never used.
    -You can use strategy and theory from above- "OK, my FO can take out that Phoenix because they can put out good burst damage with FOTP to overcome the regen. But my ewoks don't do damage fast enough"
    -Corollary to those two- you actually get to play the game.

    They are not fun when:
    -Both sides put up g12 Arena meta teams walls in the first two rows. "Ok, I saved two g12 or 11 teams for offense. I used them both. My g8 and 9 Ewoks/jedi/FO/BH will do nothing but feed them TM. Check back in an hour"
    -You have to click in and out of teams and toons to check speed on enemy squads. Over and over. And Over.
    -Corollary- you don't get to do more than a couple fights.

    I know that the Double wall of meta teams is good strategy- and it wins a lot, but it is pretty boring since it eliminates what makes TW fun.
  • I enjoy the zeta mats.

    At first I hated TW. I still really don't enjoy the overall fighting, but once I realized the rewards for first place were not much different and I still could get zetas for second, I relaxed and enjoy the experience more.
  • I do enjoy TW, yes.

    That was a worthwhile post, eh? ;)
  • Agree on Zeta, that’s a benefit, plus gear. However, I don’t really like system of setting up teams and attack. I am not trying to complain, just looking forward for different game style to be present in the game. When we set up defense, one whale comes in and wipes out almost one sector, and it does not matter its EP, JTR or Luke lead, wall melts down in 40 minutes by 1 person.
    Like previous event, which later on was removed, battles on the shore line, was cooler, that’s my opinion.
  • The rewards, yes.
  • urtil
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    For me TW is the most enjoyable part of swgoh.

    In fact it quickly becomes the only enjoyable part of swgoh. GW? sim it. Arena? same old same old fights against always the same teams at a fixed schedule. pit raid? auto. HAAT? close to auto, time sink. Sith raid? highly annoying mechanics (guessing when to use the shild at DN is just annoying) for little reward. TB? Boring wave after wave that never changes.

    Compare that to TW: I am not in an uber guild where everyone only puts the standard top squads with top mods up. We use all kind of quirky squads and try to get the best out of our toons. I use toons there I would not use otherwise and it is fun. You try to use your collection with the highest degree of efficiency which often means not fielding the best squad like everywhere else but also mixing in a few weaker toons so that you can beat more opponents overall. Definitively the best mode if it is a good match (i.e. roughly the same quality, it gets frustrating if you are matched with a too strong opponent that you can hardly touch and boring if you are matched with a too weak one).
  • RawdSW
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    I actually like TW. I have a fairly wide roster and this gives me the ability to actually use most of it. Plus the rewards are nothing to sneeze at. I take TW instead of this fiasco of a raid any day.

  • Joost
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    I love using my weaker squads in TW! It is the only place where you can use them and they actually have a use
  • TW is slow, tedious and generally unpleasant. I participate purely to help my guild, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.
  • Best event in game. Enjoyable and fun and puts great emphasis on team effort. Can get very tense and exciting when closely fought. They just need to add an extra Zeta for winning to motavate competition,

    Also a quicker way to check stats (mainly speed) before battling including TM and ability cooldowns would be a fantastic addition. Maybe a pop up window on speed and cooldowns then add a TM bar under health and protection.
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