So if you started the game today...

I want to ask this question because I think it's not really talked about. I want to know if I started the game today what are the expected times to reach:

1. Farm for Palpatine/Thrawn
2. Farm for Yoda(at some point, no rush)
3. Farm for Chimaera
4. Farm for R2
5. Farm for CLS
6. Farm for BB8
7. Farm for Rey Jedi Training
8. Be a able to complete rolo mission
9. Be able to complete IPD mission
10. Get Bounty hunters and R1 to the point of completing the bonus missions in TB, CHS for the phase 6 bonus mission.
11. Be able to get to the 2% per phase for the Heroic Sith raid.

Of course a spender will accomplish those much faster than a f2p or a low spender, but the average player with a sub 50 rank would take forever to do all those things...


  • KueChael
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    I help others and tell them they can focus on The 4 needed for CLS and 5 Empire. Any extra go to Phoenix and Scoundrel next. Once they get EP and CLS they are caught up with meta leads. Then go after favs, Jedi, Sith, Ewoks, Clones... etc

    They’ll definitely unlock 5 Rebels then can complete ep. if they were farming empire they’ll probably have it. Also use any auxiliary on Scoundrel for credit heist. St Han ;)

    Cantina store. Storm trooper and chopper , Scoundrel
    Cantina battle. Farmboy and Obi wan. Tie pilot. Phoenix
    Guild store. Starck, Dengar
    Squad arena store. St Han, Leia, Tarkin, Kanan.
    Galactic war store. Magma, Bane. Zeb
    Fleet store. Vader, Grevious (2 hardest)

    Hard nodes to get additional from list factions.

    I’ll leave it up to get legs in General Discussion then move to arena /characters strategy for further engagement.
  • Well I actually think Thrawn is better than CLS, anyways I wasn't looking for the farming locations, I was looking for a time estimate
  • KueChael
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    Estimate about a 6 weeks per character to 7* f2p average RNG, faster if refreshes. Most cantina are 8 . Ideally the Phoenix are the best to get you 2 great Empire characters. But with out credits, and the credit heist... can’t develop much.
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