Best R2D2 Line-up

Now Thrawn is done I'm now building and gearing ready for R2 and by the time it rolls around should have 6 at 7* - Palp, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, TFP, RG and maybe Stormtrooper

I assume Palp (L) -Vader-Thrawn are set but which will work best out of Tarkin/TFP/RG with them to get 7* R2 (and Arena in General)?


  • RG is kind of the odd man out if you're looking towards endgame or arena, but he's an easy farm and good enough for unlocking r2. EP is my empire tank these days. Or occasionally shore trooper.
  • Well tarkin is locked in that team too because he brings so much so for r2d2 it is same but for arena you need to choose between damage and tank and I am much more confortable with tank because palpatine is so squishy and rg is ideal for anti bursts but if you think you need more dmg or buff block then tfp is your go to character
  • YaeVizsla
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    Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, Stormtrooper.

    Once Stormtrooper's taunt is up, the turn meter reduction is modest, but important, and in an all Empire team, they're really tough.

    Royal Guard, unfortunately, is too unreliable.
    Still not a he.
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