Survey: Do You Find Nihilus in the Sith Raid Enjoyable?

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Personally, I absolutely hate it for 2 reasons:

1) CG chose to lock Nihilus phase 1 behind a unit that was very difficult for f2ps to obtain (because we anticipated a different date for JTR, and there were tons of Canatina priorities like CHS)

2) It's so easy to mess up your run, requiring you to restart your 5 minute run at least 3 times to be genorous.


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    Where else did you post this, because you have 39 votes and only 6 views of this thread?
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    Hey the forum supports surveys, why not post it here?
  • Posted it on reddit too
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    Ah found it. Apologies. This hasn't been removed though, look, it's still here.
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    Would have been nice to have a comment section, not everyone who dislikes it will have the same reasons as you.
  • Thanks for your feedback, added a comments section, hopefully it helps the devs understand why everyone hates Nihilus in the raid
  • I dislike him for two simple reasons - prot recovery on basic attack, and ignore prot on his entire side.

    He's very hard to damage unless you have the JTR team, and in the meantime all the prot in the world means nothing since not only he but his cronies get to dance right past it.
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    The_No0b wrote: »
    Thanks for your feedback, added a comments section, hopefully it helps the devs understand why everyone hates Nihilus in the raid

    You don't get to say "everyone" when 19.4% (at time of writing) of people in your survey disagree with your stance.

    I'm fairly neutral on the whole thing tbh. I quite like trying new teams up against it, but it is annoying as hell when my concentration lapses and I lose someone essential.
  • I would take it one step further and ask that they fire whoever developed and continues to support this garbage. Game is suppose to be enjoyable but I get angry every time I play this. My 20k Nihlius can't do anything against the same character. Stupid design.
  • Shaddes
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    Your nihilus is not meant to mirror a raid version of nihilus. I’ve gotten scores of 2 million+ with nightsisters and a deathtroopercentered team. You can deal with the protection gains by using characters with either high tenacity or heavy secondary attacks like scavenger Rey and CLS. You just need to understand the mechanics better because no where in this post does it say that the protection gain ONLY happens if you have defense down and ONLY on basic attacks. Everything is stating basic attacks in general..

    There are ways around everything you just need to be ready for it, the only part that truly bothers me is us not being able to choose who the special buff goes on. I have to restart constantly because of that.
  • VonZant
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    Its not that the mechanics are hard to understand. Its because they are a giant pile of annoying. I have some good teams that can post over 1.5m. Farmboy Luke lead plus Visas Mar, CLS, Han and Leia is a good team. But instead I just auto it because its annoying. Most of my guild does too.

    And to top it off, even when I manual, because we cant finish that phase in one day, I have to spend 2 days (10 teams) on phase 1 and 2 days (10 teams) on the first part of P4 when you have to fight him again. So, annoying by itself isnt fatal. Annoying plus I have to fight him 20 times? Thats just terrible. Fix it. At leat reduce his massive HP pool so we don't have to fight him 20 times.
  • ^same here, my guild it takes a reset for p1, but we can get through p2 and p3 in one go.. then p4 and nihilus again.. ughhh lol
  • Since I do most of my raid damage against Nihillus, YES, I do enjoy
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