The Force Within You Wallet is Recruiting 80-85 Active Players

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The Force Within Your Wallet is an incredibly active guild of 75-85 level players. Our guild is now starting to complete heroic pits and generate the tickets quickly to do so. We leverage to maximize and organize platoon allocation during our TBs via a custom program one of our members built. We have a proven strategy for winning in TWs (have only lost one, blaming the match making algo).

Our group is international, intelligent and highly motivated. We communicate via discord, which is a must for joining, and have multiple forums there to discuss various strategies related to fleets, raids, mods, etc.

If you are looking to join an active guild of growing 80-85 level players and want to start getting involved with heroics, come join us. We would love to have you.

To find us and join, you can use my ally code:


Hope to see you soon!


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