FOE in sith raid?

Currently running KRU, FOST, FOTP, Kylo & FOO. Would FOE be an improvement or not really? Worth the farm or skip? And who would he replace? Thanks.


  • In Sith, no. Debuffs are rarely applied and there aren’t many adds to help him stack.
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    I'd have to disagree. He does really good damage - the trick is to never have him get a kill so his HP never resets.

    Full disclosure: these images are from tier 4 and 5 raids. My guild is nowhere near heroic level, so ymmv.




    I like him best in phase 2. Sion's pain on himself counts as a debuff, so Death Panda always has advantage (except after special). Kylo's AoE then feeds him 50% tm (almost) every time. Also, KRU's basic triggers his taunt when Sion has pain on himself, so helps keep everyone alive. Yoda just for damage buff on panda. He's not super critical, but still helps to keep FOO alive later on.

    Edit; I have a fully maxed (g12, 3/6, zeta) FOTP, and death panda out scores him every time. Panda is 6*, G11 5/6
  • Hmm thanks @CarSickShoe so he seems to do good damage. I’d like to see a run with him and FOTP and see what kind of damage they do together.
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    I've tried that too, but unfortunately I don't have any screenshots. I've found focusing on one for damage works out better. Together they dealt about 2.1m damage. They just moved too fast for FOO to keep offense up on them both. I'm sure there are smarter ways to play with them both, but I only tried the one time.

    I would recommend either hermit yoda to buff damage, or maybe FOSFTP to see if the extra assists lead to more damage.

    Edit: my FOE was only 4* and G10 when I ran them both, so there's that
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