How about Rewarding loyalty instead of encouraging guild jumping

After the HAAT raid our guild split between serious and semi-serious (I'm in the latter). With the new Sith Raid, we lost several of our top members just like before. We had been together for years. Shoudn't there be some sort of loyalty feature? I understand their wanting to get Treya shards, but why do they have to leave to a guild that is ALREADY farming it. How about offering 1 shard to the top 3 contributors of a t5 and t6 raid that get 50 million or something like that. Not shards for everyone, but a little incentive to stay and help us improve. Everytime we start recruiting and working towards it - people tire and jump ship and that is demoralizing. How about rewarding mates who want to help, instead of creating super guilds - and no, I would not benefit from this system as I get around 15 million.


  • our guild having the same issue. seems to be the way it goes....
  • I know I'm being selfish, but the guild hurts not just from losing the player, but their leadership and encouragement. We got IPD shards from their help and advice - now nearly 20 mates learned to do it. (Since, there is no retreat and you only get 1 chance - experience and strategy help a great deal). We have ROLO nearly 7*. Yet, the gap from t6 to t7 is too much to hang on to these long-time guildmates - just disappointing.
  • Just giving 5 traya shards to top 5 damage dealers in T6 STR would be enough to hold ppl in the guild xD
    This way biggest players in the guild will get almost same traya shards in the top of their small guild than moving to other guild with HSTR on farm...
  • That is a brilliant idea. Too bad that's the opposite of what cg does.
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