Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Strong and Active guild looking for 3 members to fill out spots . Friendly helpful guild that will help your squads grow to their maximum potential and be a fun place to chat and meet like minded nerds!
    LS TB-31*, DS TB-29*, GP-78 million and growing
    HAAT/HRancor (24 hour no hit rule, 0930, 1230, 1730 EST rotating schedule))
    Sith Triumvirate Raid - T4
    Level 85, no GP requirements, experienced players to help you develop, We just ask that you stay active and committed.
    Daily 500+ tickets average, Active Raid participation
    Both participation in both lightside/darkside Territory Battles & Territory War
    Discord required
    Message me here or discord (Mightydohboy#9353) if you have further questions.
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  • goat13
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    The Notorious Separatists and Griffintown Scoundrels need a few good members!
    NS is a 70 million GP guild farming Hpit and Haat with a few rules to make everyone happy. Discord and 1.5 million GP required.
    GS is a casual guild running Hpit and Naat with very few rules. No discord required and new/low GP members welcome.
  • Wanting to add 2-3 active players to replace those not able to keep up with the rest. 128m+ and have the greatest Discord server around. All the best YouTubers are there with us.

    Message me on Discord.

    Chrome Cobra#6892
  • The Outer Rim - RECRUITING NOW!

    We are a family of 17 guilds ranging from beginner guilds to 125mil+ Heroic Sith Raid focused guilds. A large online community of over 600 members, access to a variety of game resources, and a veteran leadership team hell-bent on providing an optimal gaming experience for every level of player! Each guild creates its own destiny, with the support of a dedicated family community to help each member succeed at any level! We have an eclectic mix of US and EU members, with Raid Times, Guild Resets, and Specific Guild Requirements that vary per Guild. Literally, something for everyone!!!

    Family Requirements :
    - Discord
    - A synced and public profile
    - A love for the game and the drive to succeed!!!

    Stop by for a visit, a chat, a beer, or just to say hello! Our recruitment team is available 24/7. We currently have openings at all levels, so now is the time!

    You know you’ve always wondered what life was like in the Outer Rim - JOIN NOW!!!!

  • HeroOS
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    Hiya! HeroOS from Scoundrel Federation here. We are currently accepting 1-2 players (We might be able to make more room depending on your squads and contributions, since we have a few underachievers). We are very friendly, talkative, and welcoming. We’re here to have fun, get top-tier rewards, and help each other become better players. We are fairly close on our own to completing an HSith raid. We’re looking for competitive players who will push us over the edge of completing it, and stick with us if it takes a few tries to complete.

    To apply for our competitive guild, you MUST meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

    - 2.5 Million GP or Higher

    - Maxed JTR Team (G11-G12 and zeta’d)

    - AT LEAST ONE of the other known heroic squads (G11-G12 with necessary Zetas, preferably P4 squads)

    When reviewing applicants, we will prioritize players with great HSith squads and consistent contributions in guild events over everyone else. (Bonus points if you can complete the DSTB Imperial Trooper Mission and get IPD Shards)

    As a part of our competitive guild, you must follow a few simple rules:

    1. Contribute raid tickets 600/600 every day

    2. Participate HSith raid every time it is active AND in all guild events (TB and TW)

    3. Be on our Discord channel

    4. Be signed up with

    5. If you’re going to be absent or unable to play for 1 day or more, you must post in our “vacation alert” channel on Discord so that we know your lower activity is temporary

    We understand that people have lives outside of the game, so it’s ok to be gone for a few days or to be under 600/600 every once in a while. We keep up and monitor contributions to make sure everyone is doing their part.

    Our Info:

    123,600,000 GP (49/50)
    HPit on farm
    HAAT on farm
    T6 Sith Raid - One phase completed per day
    41 LS TB Stars
    40 DS TB Stars
    27,000-29,000 Raid tickets daily
    Primarily EST, CST, and MST guild with a few Europeans and Australians.
    Raid times alternate to accommodate people’s schedules
    Sith Triumvirate starts at Noon CST (We will launch it right before guild reset if we finish it so we don't waste tickets)
    Rancor alternates between 1:30 pm and 8:30 pm CST
    HAAT alternates between 2pm and 9pm CST
    Guild Activity reset time is 8:30 CST
    Raid Reset time is 2 AM CST

    Here is our page

    If you’re interested, contact us on discord and send us your account

    We look forward to you joining us and becoming a fellow Scoundrel!
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  • Galactic ENIGMA is now recruiting three players to fill our ranks! We are a 72mil GP guild that is farming Heroic Rancor and Heroic Tank, so come get your Han Solo and General Kenobi Shards! We are also very excited about Territory Battles as well as Territory Wars AND are starting to build squads for Sith raids!
    We are an up and coming guild with active players who are looking for like-minded individuals to join with us for the growth and benefit of all!  So if your guild is inactive or you are just looking for a challenge, we might just be what you've been looking for! So come and join with us! Become a part of the Great Mystery of the ENIGMA!

    **THREE Spots are now Open**
    Things that we are looking for from you: Discord, a account, lvl 85 and at least 1mil GP, active in all guild events, like to chat.


    Please come to our Discord server(link below) and an officer or myself will help you!


    Raids: We are farming Heroic Rancor and HAAT. All Rancor launch times are Noon PST. HAAT raids are set on a rotation. We also have a 24/0 damage rule on both Tank and Rancor Raids so that everyone may benefit! Sith raids are launched as soon as the previous one is completed. We are currently farming T4 until we can drop it in less than 24hrs at which time we'll move up to T5(and we are actively building teams to improve)!
    Territory Battles: All TB strategy is coordinated in a separate channel in our Discord server and efforts are focused on getting the most out of TB possible, shards and currency both. We have also added an additional officer to help with the extra leadership load TB has added!
    Territory Wars: We are committed to winning in TW and have thus far only suffered two losses, one of which was a very close(and exciting!) battle. 

    We want everyone to succeed and are constantly looking to improve on what we're doing to help all members.
    SO, come and join now!
    We look forward to welcoming you into our family. And as always…
    May the Force be with you!
  • SΞN Shards of Alderaan is currently looking to fill 2 slots in our friendly and active guild. We are at 100mil GP 37LS TB stars and 40DS TB stars.
    Guild Rules :
    have at least 1.8mil GP but we are flexible
    have CHS and HRS twins 5:star: also can be flexible
    have CLS 7:star:
    600 Tickets Req'd
    HPIT 3-4 a week 24h 0 dmg then ffa
    HAAT 2-3 a week 24h 0 dmg then ffa
    Sith T6
    Raid times are 9pm EST
    Payout is at 730 EST
    Participation in Territory Battle and Territory War is a must and active listening for TB/TW on discord.
    All applicants must provide SWGOH profile and you will get a response ASAP.
    You must use discord, server info here
    Discord: SΞN Grymsted {GO SOA}#6044 Feel free to PM me on discord
    Ally code: 341-236-679
  • Guild: Sarlacc’s Revenge, 73 mil GP

    HPit 3x a week. HAAT 2x a week. 24 hour 0 damage rule for both.

    Doing tier 4 Sith raid at the moment.

    Looking for active players who are 1+ mil GP or close. Discord is mandatory.

    Message me on here or discord.
    Discord: Ahsa’man#9543
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    Position filled
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  • Primal Alliance is looking for a few good men. We're a 66mil gp guild that raids hpit 3 times a week and haat 2 times a week. We alternate STR on tier 3 and 4. We do well in TW (guaranteed zeta) and 26* LSTB. We use LINE and its mandatory for strategy, instructions, and general chatter. We encourage 500 daily tickets. Our reset time is 130pm eastern US. Our raids are 2 and 5pm est.

    Most importantly, we're a drama free bunch of good guys who have a good time playing the game and encouraging each other to kick ****. We're from all over the states, europe, and even reaching into asia. PM and if we're a fit, join us. I'm @Buddha-Fett on LINE.
  • UTD Red is friendly, family-style relaxed guild with a passion to help others and are mainly based in Europe (English Speaking). We do our best to accommodate a wide-variety of schedules. Our guild reset is 18:30 GMT. We are at 71 million GP and are at 49 members currently.

    Here are some quick details:
    - 25* in LS/DS TB
    - 50 ROLO shards each LSTB
    - 4 IPD shards each DSTB
    - 14 wins in TW

    - The rancor is regulated by a 24 0dmg rule followed by FFA. Soloers have to wait 30 minutes to post from FFA start. Every other raid will be an 'alternate' raid whereby only members without 7* Raid Han are allowed to participate with the rest with 7* Han only posting 0. This allows our lower level members to get their Han to 7* quicker.
    - The Tank raid has P1 and P2 open at launch but P3 and P4 don't open until 24 hour mark. The tank raid also follows the same 'alternate' raid system as the rancor for the same reason.
    - Currently we are doing T4 of the sith raid and complete it in about 5 refreshes. We are working towards higher tiers and expect to get their soon.

    - We have a coordinated system for platoons to maximise our results using spotlight search on characters.

    - We have a complex strategy on coordinating our defensive strategy and we expect our members to set 5 defensive teams and attack at least 3 times if they choose to participate. We are currently on a 4 win streak and we do analysis post TW that shows individual performances of players.

    We don't have a 600/day requirement although its highly encouraged and we usually reach 26k a day. We also recognise that people have lives and understand if you need a day off for whatever reason though we ask if you keep us informed.

    We are using discord for communication. Contact me on forum or DM at discord - Armatores#6958 if interested.
    Or join our server directly -
  • Kashyyyk's Forgotten are looking for new members!

    About us:
    • 43/50 members with a combined GP of 37m
    • North American guild with a reset of 5:30PM PST
    • Heroic rancor/heroic tank/tier 4 sith (raids are started between 4-6pm PST)
    • 0 damage for the first 24 hours for tank and rancor
    • 22-24* on TB
    What are we looking for?
    Members who are active on a daily basis, eager to learn, grow and help others. We are ideally looking for members who are 500k GP and higher but may make some exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

    If interested feel free to message me here or on discord (Tango Fox#2223) we look forward to hearing from you!
    ~Gama Fox~
  • Join The Schwartz!!

    We are looking for active players for our entry level HAAT and T4/5 sith raid guild. (68-70m GP) We are looking for Players who want to learn and join our online community.

    (Discord chat app is required as well as registering at we do 3 Rancors a week, 2 HAAT)

    We have several guilds that you can move up to once youre ready, we have 3 guilds that are completing Heroic Sith. We have a knowledgeable and fun community on Discord, come join the family!

    Discord: LordHelmet#8489

    May the Schwartz be with you!
  • Guild: Solarian Warrior
    Reset: 1:30pm Eastern
    Guild Power: ~15 million
    • Rancor: Heroic usually 9am Saturdays
    • Tank: Normal about every other week as tickets accumulate
    • Sith: Tier 4 takes about a week to complete with current members
    Territory Battles: Currently 10-11 stars
    Territory Wars: Seeking additional members to qualify

    Membership requirements: All levels welcome. Contribution toward daily guild activity and coins required.

    Looking for active members who can help contribute to raids. Higher membership will help us increase raid frequency and tier so we can get more and better gear to members. Members who can do raid damage in the millions will be near the top of the guild for raid payouts.

    Feel free to send a request by searching for the guild in game or contact me through Discord @tririte#7787


    Almost 115 mil GP

    41* LS TB
    40* DS TB
    Avg 29.5k raid tickets a day

    Extremely well organized
    Officers monitor all areas of participation

    We launch a raid every single day and always have a sith raid going.

    To apply contact me via discord or line.

    Discord: baddabing#0376

    Line: baddabing
  • ppix3
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    Looking for 3 STRONG players - we have 47/50 members right now - must be active and join our discord server.
    Guild GP: 75M
    3 Heroic Rancor/ Week
    2 Heroic HAAT/ week
    1-2 Tier 4 SITH raid/ week

    Our average GP is 1.4M

    Must be active in TB/TW -
    Inbox me to join. Thanks
  • Our Guild is Sentries:
    We are a causal but committed Guild.
    We are currently looking to rebuild our guild.
    We do not use discord but chat regularly through the in-game chat.
    Guild leader is Blackmax95, #896-596-712.
    Our guild runs on EST (US Eastern time).
    We do heroic pit raids as often as we can; at least weekly, trying for 2x week. We are still working toward HAAT.
    We prefer daily, active playera that will get their daily 600, but we also know that we have lives outside of thia game.
    Minimum level - 80
    Prefer that you have at least 5 7* toons to participate in the raids, if you have less and are ok not doing the raids yet, we are also ok with that.
    Must be active in TB's and TW's.
    Send me a mesaage or look us up.
    We are NOT looking to merge into another guild. We will consider merging smaller guilds into ours, if it is a good fit.
    May the Force be with you my friends.

  • Dirty Little Jawas
    -Level 65+
    -Heroic Rancor (24h wait on damage above 100k)
    -Normal AAT
    -Must sign up for TerritoryWars
    -10 day inactivity kick
    -No Mol Eliza name please
    -Have fun! No discord associated with guild.
  • ☆☆☆ The Viscious Crew is Recruiting !!! ☆☆☆
    A close-knit guild, with strong core values, with
    loyalty over GP, and a good sense of
    companionship. The main-goal is to grow
    together as a team. Put in the effort and be a
    good person and you'll always have a home
    at the Viscious Crew guild !!!
    Guild Name: The Viscious Crew
    Alliance Name: the MLCN Alliance
    Guild Time-Zone: GMT +10
    Guild Leader: @Arcanoth #3187
    Guild Recruiter: @Max1mus Pow3rs
    Current Number of Members: 47/50
    Current Guild-GP: 96m
    Third-Party Chat-App: Discord
    Rancor Raid Level: Heroic
    Tank Raid Level: Heroic
    Sith Raid Level 4 to 5 rotate
    LS TB Stars: 36
    DS TB Stars: 34
    Guild's Page:
    Looking for:
    New Members: from 1.6mGP+
    Daily Raid-Tickets Requirement: 600/day
  • Kashyyyk's Forgotten are looking for new members!

    About us:
    • 43/50 members with a combined GP of 37m
    • North American guild with a reset of 5:30PM PST
    • Heroic rancor/heroic tank/tier 4 sith (raids are started between 4-6pm PST)
    • 0 damage for the first 24 hours for tank and rancor
    • 22-24* on TB
    What are we looking for?
    Members who are active on a daily basis, eager to learn, grow and help others. We are ideally looking for members who are 400k GP and higher but may make some exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

    If interested feel free to message me here or on discord (Tango Fox#2223) we look forward to hearing from you!
  • kotd_banner.png

    Independant HAAT 90 MIL GP guild looking for more players, discord required. Running HPIT raids 3 times a week, HAAT 2 times a week.

    Guild Name: Knights of the Dragon

    All raids starts 4pm GMT, 11am CT, 11pm SGT.


    1) 600 tickets per day.

    2) Must have discord.

    3) 1M+ GP

    Further information about rules and how to apply can be found on our website:

    Discord : Ravendock#8713
  • About us:

    Mutiners without fears

    1 space (48 level 85 members)

    73m gp

    Hpit Haat t4/5 sith(sith depends on how many tickets we have)

    7.30pm uk raid time 24hr no damage

    600 ticket not essential but be as active as possible

    Line optional, no discord

    My ally code 949 699 318
  • - 84 mm GP

    - HPIT/HAAT on farm

    - T4/T5 STR

    - 16 TW Wins

    Looking for 1.5MM GP working towards HSTR. We have 9 JTRs and will be getting another 12-15 next time.

    Check out our swanky flyer and account.

    Message me on discord to see if we're a good fit. @greaterkundah#0767
  • Monkeybrains is looking for you!!
    56 m gp. We have a great core group of 35 players. Guild has 47/50 total. Both heroics whenever tickets allow. T4 sth. 22 plus stars in Tb. 13 wins in tw so far. Guild has worked hard to get where it is today. We want to keep growing. Come join and work towards heroic sth with us.
  • YOUNGSTOWN is looking for a few good players. We are a friendly and helpful guild with members all over the world. We are always willing to help if needed, and love to communicate both for the game and just for fun too.

    We are looking for players who are passionate about the game but don't want a guild to micromanage how they play, who to farm, etc. We all need end game characters, but as long as you contribute to guild events then how you get there is up to you. Of course we are happy to help if needed though! If you love this game and are looking for a guild to have fun and grow with, come check us out. Just search for YOUNGSTOWN

    -71m+ GP
    -27/28 stars for both tb
    -17 tw wins, guaranteed zeta
    -HAAT AND HPit on scheduled farm. HAAT 2x and HPit 2-3x per week
    -Sith raid t4/t5. Looking to move to t5 permanently.
    -We have discord but do most communication on kik because it's more fun to use.

    -Active and willing to contribute to all guild events
    -‎Around 1m gp at least, but if you are active we're very flexible on that
    -‎that's it!
  • Glaargl
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    Swindling Scoundrels is a very active new guild looking to fill up its roster. We are all active players between 1mil and 2mil GP who left their casual guild to progress faster and be competitive in Territory Wars. If you're in a similar situation and are looking for a guild to share info, joke around and get the satisfaction of progressing as a group, join us! We still have room, so you can bring current guildmates with you.

    We have a great vibe going and we're looking for like-minded players to join us. We want participation in all the raids and guild event, but we are also pretty chilled and won't kick you out for going on a holiday!

    600 tickets
    Heroic Pit
    Sith Raid TBD
    GP in the 1-2mil range

    We use Discord for guild communication.

    Join the chat or send me a PM if you're interested
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  • fk9li8.jpg

    Sithari Revenge (116M GP)


    At the moment we are looking for a few players, ideally in the 2.3M+ GP range (negotiable), that work/willing to work towards Imperial Troopers, Chex Mix, and Night Sisters squads. JTR is a plus.

    We Offer You
    - Currently 39/40* in LS/DS Territory Battles
    - 24 hr registration period on older raids
    - Heroic Rancor 3 times per week
    - Heroic AAT 2 times per week
    - Currently doing T6 of sith raid (Almost T7 ready)

    We Require
    - Be a Discord user (required for communication)
    - Consistency on your 600 daily tickets
    - Participation on HAAT and Rancor (registering a 0 as a minimum)
    - Participation on the Triumvirate Sith Raid, this is a must
    - Participation on TB/TW

    If you are interested, please message through here or aliux12#6646 on Discord.

    Thank You
  • Dk_rek
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    Darkened Stars
    17-4 TW record ranked in the 700's out of all guilds.
    84M GP
    We just want active players 600 tickets and are active.
    must join discord

    No Stress guild HAAT and HPit on quick farm. STR being farmed for max guild currency and gear T4 and T5's to maximize tickets.


    message me here !!!
  • MandalorianPondSkum
    21/50 Players at the moment, more to come.
    Guild GP is 45mil because we are currently merging with other guilds.
    We use LINE
    Reset is 7:30pm EST
    Pit Heroic, Tank Heroic, STR Tier V
    Average 40 Stars in TB
    Minimum Participation: 450/600 Sim tickets daily
    Minimum Level: 85
    Minimum GP: 1.5mil (unless you own Wampa, HYoda, and JTRey)
    As stated before, we are currently merging guilds and are in an awkward in-between at the moment so please be patient.
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