Best team for HAAT P2 solo?

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Right now my guild is having trouble clearing P2 of the HAAT. Looking at my current roster, is there any team I should work on or any toons I should get to solo?(preferably not Resistance)


  • Roughly 3 zfinn led resistance teams can clear haat.. besides wampanader I don't think there's really one team that can solo it.
    Also the ackbar, cls, bb8, thrawn, asajj team can do last 20ish% through the end of the raid
  • Tarugo91
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    These teams can do about 20-40%:
    zfinn resistance (better with bb8)
    zjtr resistance (better with bb8)
    aa,cls,bb8,thrawn, (hansolo or asajj)
  • I like how the OP said "not resistance" but that's what people are replying with. You should try Google instead of this forum.
  • Random9
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    zFinn Poe resistance trooper BB-8 Rey Scavenger can knock off about 20-40%
  • Nadebotfm
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    my zfinn can do 40-45% of P2 depending on the RNG. All you need is 2 people with zfinn resistance and then rebel or zader teams can finish of p2.

    outside of that we have three people with ABC team that clear P3 and P3 solo
  • CCyrilS
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    Droids and clones do well, but most newer players don't have them already, and they aren't worth farming just for haat these days.
  • jackaldo20
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    I actually do have some droids(undergeared however).What droid team are you referring to?And what kind of damage?
    And yeah ill probably have to start working on resistance...
  • Revi
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    You can only solo P2 with a Zader Wampa team. Depending on your guilds Resistance team you could do P2 with 2-3 maxed zFin teams, possibly 4-6 with a team composition of a bit less than maxed.
  • jackaldo20
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    literally no one in my guild has a decent resistance team.We mainly consist of Sith teams,Hybrids,Rebels and Empire
    Our leader has the full ABC team and can already clear p3 and p4,we have a decent number of zylos and CLS, so p2 is the main problem
  • Well start gearing resistance! :) or Phoenix, my guild mate has a g12 Phoenix team that consistently puts up 5million in p2
  • jackaldo20
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    phoenix with sabine+zetas ? I think phoenix would be better for the guild, since everyone was panic farming for thrawn
  • I am doing a bit over 5 mil damage in P2 with First order team. KRU lead, KRU, Executioner, SF Pilot and Phasma.
  • YKMisfit
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    Yeah FO can do a big chunk as well. I do agree with the rest that zFinn Resistance is the way to go. Although I don’t even bother usig Rey. I bring Pilot instead.

    I try to save my rebels for P4 (though I never need them), but they work well in P2 as well. I run Wiggs, Lando, R2 and Leia.

    The most common droid team I’ve seen in regards to HAAT is HK47(l), IG88, IG86, Jawa Engineer and Chief Nebit. They’re not the best, but it can be a good way to get some use out of your jawas if you’d already farmed them.
  • Waqui
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    I see, you have Vader's lead zetaed. Apart from what others have mentioned already, your zader team will be able to take 10-12% as well in phase 2. Zader lead, Boba Fett (Mainly to build up the stack of DoTs on the boss) and EP (For offense up) are the core. Add whatever best DPS, you have - or even Thrawn for that extra protection regen as well (remember to escape him, if you plan on reusing him for p3). zader, EE, Phasma, Tusken shaman and Boba Fett would be a quite strong team, capable of doing 30-ish % of p2, but since you don't have tusken shaman.....
  • Preferably NOT resistance...
    Ok here's a list of resistance teams^
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