Guild search - put short/specific names first

The guild search should give first place to guilds whose names are identical to the search string entered. Or at least give preference to guilds with shorter names containing the string.

Example of the problem: the guild "IRON"
Search for it - gives you a ton of guilds containing iron as part of the name, or with words that have that character sequence someplace in them.

You can find a guild with a longer name containing those characters by typing more characters. (e.g. to find the guild FLATIRON, type more characters). But there seems to be no way to tell it to use just the characters you typed.
So any guild with a short simple name is penalized by being impossible to find.


  • Yeah, search is terrible.
    I looked for our TW opponents, let's call them "Unable and Unwilling".
    In 19 pages it showed me just one guild containing "Unwilling" & anything containing "and".
    It should allow me to search for a specific Guild and simply do a sequential character/letter match to provide the closest results.
    It would also be helpful, if you could view the opponent Guild from the TW vs screen, to avoid needing to use a search function that was outdated before the internet was invented.
    The limiting options on search are appalling too. If you want to search for a Guild above 50M GP, good luck finding ones that meet your requirements when you can only search for 10k+, 100k+, 1M+, 10M+ or 100M+.
    The limiting search criteria are terrible, but the dysfunctional search capability & its random returns are just seriously appalling.
  • So searched for a new Guild, applied to join them through discord, then had to find them again when they accepted.
    Searched for Guild, Let's call them "No Optional Relevance". First return was "Optional Party", next was "Kamino", next was "Latino".
    So poor.
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