Galactic War Currency

Just an observation: it does no good having currency in the 100’s since there’s no shards that require 50’s. Might as well have them in single digits. Random thought.


  • YaeVizsla
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    Except it does have value, because if you fail to complete another GW (the only way you could have gotten to an increment other than 400), it might still get you enough currency to make a purchase.
    Still not a he.
  • Darthpedro
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    And if you are at the point of being able to beat it consistently or SIM it you can throw a couple galactic wars to get your currency rounded off to an even 400 if having a number not divisible by 400 bugs you. I know that's what I did.
  • TVF
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    You gave up credits, shards, ability mats, etc. just to get to an even number?

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  • Huatimus
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    It used to cost like 15? To refresh the GW shop. So yea there was a point to it.
  • but now it doesnt matter if the GW gives
    a max of 1200 tokens that redeem at the rate of 400 tokens for 5 character shards and 4 ship shards
    a max of 12 tokens that redeem at the rate of 4 tokens for 5 character shards and 4 ship shards
    just adding the extra 0s does nothing in its current state as every purchase is the same price
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