Good enough to get to 7*


  • Vendi1983
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    Depends on how far from 7* you are for the guys you're missing. 6 days and $2 million, not including leveling up to at least 75. So at least 2 million more.

    - I ran levels of 80,78,78,76,76 and took about 10 tries to 7*. I'd personally get them as close to 80 as you can. My squad power was almost exactly 57,500.
    - Really good speed and decent gear levels. Higher than my 5 that I 7*'d this morning with.
    - Cassians unique will help greatly as you don't have anyone who can taunt. I used my taunt to sacrifice one character while the others wiped out Vader and the Guards. Then the other four overpowered Palpatine alone.
    - Potency will be necessary if you want to use Zebs stun ability, Palpatine lowers it to begin with so you'll have to have it pretty high. It's almost not worth it.
    - My Ackbar was at 65%+ tenacity and didn't get stunned once the whole battle. I'd personally get tenacity up because being stunned once at the wrong time can ruin the whole attempt. It's harder to get your stuns to land because you need such a high potency to overcome Palpatine's leadership ability.
  • CPace
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    Got it and btw, I know how to mod my characters to go fast. Getting better and better mods everyday. Like today, I got 3 primary speed mods arrow
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