Is it possible..

I'm sure these topics are annoying but i need to know:
Is it possible for me to unlock EP within the few days remaining. I have 5* phoenix (6*ezra g7) all g6. Only 20 days into the game. I got close once with a lot of stun luck, but after I kill the RG he goes nuts and kills everyone in two seconds. Thanks a lot.


  • Waqui
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    Go for it. If you put your resources into your Phoenix/rebels for the remaining days, and also equip them with your best mods I guess you can do it. It's definately worth trying.
  • Focus Palpatine and use Chopper and Ezra's cleanses on the guards. If you're fast enough you can knock him down without healing the guards won't taunt again.
  • crzydroid
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  • Wardai
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    Try and get palp to around half and save dispels for RG. Can't remember how many are in 5*.

    Also you zebs stagger on him before you apply a debuff on him like kanan's offense down or zeb's daze off of their basics.
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