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So most forums have an advanced search feature that lets you specify sub forums and the like when searching for a term.

I have been unable to find such a feature on these forums and was wondering if it was well hidden or unavailable?

If it is the latter, I would like to formally request this feature be added to the forums. It would make certain things SOOOO much easier (such as searching for the thread for your shard in the pvp forums).

I personally have started a fleet shard thread in that section of the forums, but I have no way of knowing if anyone else has without poring through hundreds of pages of search results if i look for my name since it shows not only every post I've ever made, but also every post where anyone has ever quoted me.

If I could limit that search to the pvp forums it would make locating the threads i want so much easier. If i could have limited my search to the forum feedback subforum, I may not have had to post this thread either. :smile:

This is just one example. I can't tell you how many times I have started a new thread for information do to a lack of ability to refine searches enough to be able to reasonably obtain the search I desire.

Other things that are commonly found in advanced searches would also help immensely, like specifying if what I am looking for is supposed to be the title of a thread, a user's name, or something that should be found in the body of text.

Well. I hope the feature is either existent or will be considered for addition. All comments welcome. Thanks for your time.


  • Darth754
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    search within a section is badly needed
  • UdalCuain
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    Necro. And you can search within a specific subforum. On mobile use the little arrow to the right of the text box and you can select the subforum you wish to search in. The option is there somewhere on the desktop site too.
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