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First off, we now need a "Quests" subforum in Feedback! I best categorized this as "General" for now.

So: once you embark on a Prestigious Quest, there is no longer any way to see the text of it (the Quest requirements) or your progress except to abandon the Quest and re-start it. For example, I've already forgotten what it is I'm supposed to be doing for the Jedi Knight and Sith Agent quests. I'm going to go look it up online but there's nowhere I can do so in-game, which is inconvenient (UPDATE: using a Google search, now I can tell you there is LITERALLY NO WAY to find the text of these quests at the moment, which is more than just inconvenient!)

Let me say thank you, though, for the great new content and clean-looking update! Little things like this are eminently fixable!



  • There are icons on the left side of the quests screen. Selecting the icons just below quests allows you to view the requirements for the ones that are active.
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    I like them, however, the rewards are a slap in the face. 10 crystals...really? I have to get boba’s contract fulfilled 500 times for 10 crystals.....need to rethink that!

    10 CRYSTALS!!
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