Help me SWGOH Community, you're my only hope!

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I want to solo P1, not sure what my brotini is lacking
G9 Datcha, leader skill level 7, no mods
G12 CLS 226 speed
G12 Zolo 220 speed

Dont have zeta on IBAT yet but it's my next zeta.

Will that zeta fix my team? Do I need G10+ datcha with good mods? What will let brotini work?


  • Overall it's probably just needing a little more speed.

    Side suggestion if a sectioned solo is okay - Just use CLS and do the retreating method. I was constantly doing it with a slightly faster CLS (235).
  • Waqui
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    Alternatively, you could include Rex in the team. I experienced, that it helped me getting safely through phase 1 until the other 3 became fast enough to do it by themselves.
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