In Memory of C3PO - Δπ2.

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AlliΔnce π


  • Shellzbutt
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    Condolences to family and friends...thats terribly sad news , thoughts go out to you all
  • Condolences from SPC Cyprus Force. He was a shard-mate and had lots of battles for rank with him.
  • I’m terribly sorry for your loss, “our” loss as a community. This is heart breaking.

    Condolences from Force United.
  • Terrible to hear. My condolences.

    Anyone can PM me, if you need an ear.
  • CarterH
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    Mando's Castle of Doom sends our condolences and are praying for all those involved.
  • Our deepest condolences from Scoundrel Federation
  • jjkriv
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    TriHards R Us send our sympathy.
  • I would just like to echo one point: If you think someone is suicidal, ask. There are no studies showing that asking if someone is suicidal causes them to be suicidal. However, there is data that shows that people who are suicidal will respond if asked directly. Some times, that encounter occurs early on when you can still make a difference.

    My standard question is “It sounds like you are really down, and I’m concerned. Are you thinking about killing yourself or anyone else?”

    My heart goes out to C3PO, and all of those who were hurt by his actions.
  • Krag
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    No words may help, but my condolences.
  • Khayman
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    Condolences from Olympus sorry for your loss.
  • AxisBold
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    Condolences from Tosche PowerConverter Supply.

    I personally was deeply moved by the original post. Thank you for sharing this with the community.
  • Amendera
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    My very sincere condolences. I wish this wouldn’t have happened. I wish this doesn’t happen again. :'(
  • Condolences as well. May God rest their soul.
  • SirOberon
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    Condolences from the Empire. This is truly sad to read.

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  • This is so heartbreaking.

    My heart goes out to his friends and family. You will be missed. Rest in peace, may the force be with you, always.
  • ilpots88
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    From Italian Furious Heroes, condolences
  • mt875249
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  • Deep Condolences from Emerald Society
  • "Who lives in the memory of his loved ones,
    he is not dead, he is only far away;
    dead is only who is forgotten......"
    The 187. Legion express our deep condolences.
    Our thoughts and our compassion are with his family.
  • Gorem
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    My Condolences to the family

    Faith can be a powerful tool in fighting depression, some people, like myself, are alive today because of belief in our Heavenly Father. I know I'd not be here if not for my Faith.

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  • My condolences. I got the chills covering my entire body reading this. To know that a group of people that probably never met in real life came together in an incredible way to try to help another. Hope the family can heal and keep his memory alive.
  • RenJensen
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    This is tragic news. We had some good times together in this game and some fine conversations on discord. A good officer, a good sparring partner and a good contributer to our guild, even after he re-joined Alliance he kept sharing tips and strategies so we could improve. On behalf of me and CCI, all prayers go out to his family and friends in this sad time. Rest in peace @C3PO - Δπ2. May the force be with you, always.
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  • Sad news. I am an arena shard mate of his. I'm sure I speak for my guild in saying our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time.
  • I'm saddened to hear this and my condolences go to everyone who knew him.

    Thank you for reaching out to the community with such an important message. Suicide is increasingly common and many people will consider it at some point in their lives, but people are still often too ashamed to talk about it.

    If you're in the UK and want to talk to someone but don't feel comfortable talking to family and friends, the Samaritans hotline is manned 24/7 - 116 123.

    You can also dial 999 - it's not just for heart attacks, we're here to support your mental health too.
    Discord: Iona Starbound#5299
  • From all of us at Alliance Nu, our heads hang a little lower today, our deepest condolences.

    (In game - Veran - Officer of ALLIΔNCE Nu)
  • Terribly sorry to hear this.
    I'm sure every member of my guild Skicreu II will join me to express our condolences to his family and friends.

    Depression is a very serious illness far too often overlooked, sadly even sometimes by GPs.
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