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I currently run a squad of Wedge (L), Biggs, Old Ben, Leia, and Ezra. All gear 10. My question has to do with inserting R2 into the lineup. Where does he best fit and what character should he replace? I was thinking Ezra? And would the team be better with him? Thanks!


  • Counts
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  • Leia does great damage and her team crit buff is very good, but I would replace her and keep Ezra for his dispel and targeted assist.
  • I would replace Ezra, because R2 works very good with leia because of the stealth. Let R2 stealth on Ben then use Leia's stealth and she gets 100% turn meter, offense up and foresight. Ezra is good but in that Leia is better imo.
  • Def replace Leia. Your team already has good dmg output with wiggs and ezra. The dmg you lose would be more than made up for by the utility of R2. He'll increase all your toons stats, negate dodge with his burn, stun very often and soft taunt/stealth your team. Ezra is the better option to keep as he can call assists and dispell irritating buffs such as taunt. His utility is more important than the small dmg boost keeping leia would offer. Ezra has synergy with R2 as well as leia. Although Leia does benefit from R2s stealth, Ezra can target R2 in an assist for a stun. Call wedge for dmg to get a kill, or if you wont manage a kill, call R2 for a stun.
  • Counts
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    So it seems as though Ezra or Leia should be replaced?
  • Poxx
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    Ezra brings more to the table than Leia. He attacks 2x on basic frequently, has an assist call that grants additional benefits and a dispel for pesky taunts. Drop Leia.
  • VonZant
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    Leia is awesome, but I would say keep Ezra too.
  • Drop Ezra.

    They are both good attackers. But I think Leia is a much better attacker.

    She has stealth that Ezra doesn't and can grant allies crit chance.

    I think Leia is absolutely superb.
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