Can I still make it in time for CLS?

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Hi all,

Can I still make it in time to get CLS?

I was hoping to get another Thrawn event before this one because I have Thrawn at 6* wanted to use him for R2D2... Do you think there is another way for me to still unlock him in time?

LCS Squad:

R2D2 Squad:

Can I still get another empire character to 7* in time?

Thank you the help! Much appriciated.


  • ManuG
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    Honestly I think you can't. The closer character you have is DK 5* but he appears rarely in the guild event store and your RG/Stormtrooper are only 4*/3* respectively.

    If I were you, I would spend your resources in gearing those phoenix and leveling up them to your max level just to make sure you get Thrawn 7* the next time he appears. (I bet he will return by mid-end of July)
  • I will be quick to say you cannot make it in time. Thrawn is at six stars and DK is at 5 stars. Train for next time.
  • ah too bad.. Thank you guys for help. I will train for next event.
  • Remember don't be discouraged if you don't get him this time. Just focus on what you need and you will be fine.
  • Vanitas
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    Pimie wrote: »
    ah too bad.. Thank you guys for help. I will train for next event.

    Think of it this way: When it returns next time you will be ready big time! :)
  • Maybe if you went hammer and tong on royal guard... you clearly have spent money so if you keep refreshing and buying cantina energy.. but is cls worth the money? Up to you
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