Looking for a fantasy based game similar to SWGOH


Can anyone recommend a fantasy based game that's similar to SWGOH in terms of combat? Basically a turn-based skirmish game. Mobile or PC. Also, something that's not FTP if possible. I'd rather pay for the game upfront. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much!


  • DatBoi
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    Marvel Strike Force. Almost identical to swgoh. Fancier animations, not quite as well designed or coded.
  • Tried Marvel Strike Force a while back. Incredibly similar to GOH. Actually looking for something with a dungeons and dragons vibe. Mages, rogues, warriors, etc. I tried the Dragon Age mobile skirmish game but couldn’t get into it. Also, kind of getting tired of the FTP model.
  • might and magic: elementals or smth.

    Forgot what it was called
  • Ploosh
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    I wish there was a LOTR version
  • Darkness Reborn somewhat similar fantasy game
    Ploosh wrote: »
    I wish there was a LOTR version

  • Nerfherder84
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    Age of magic Is practically identical to GOH. It has all of the same concepts, unlock new characters by gaining shards, light and dark battles, arena battles, gear and skill upgrades, friends who lend characters for other battles and many other similar features. The only thing that doesn't meet your needs is that it's free to play.
  • Ploosh wrote: »
    I wish there was a LOTR version

    There is a LOTR game that is quite similar. The battles are live though and more like a side scrolling action game. I actually quite enjoyed it when I tried it maybe a year ago when it came out, but these games are just too time consuming. I can’t play them all.
  • I played the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War mobile game for a bit, was pretty fun, but just ended up dropping it because I was too invested in other games
  • Are you guys just too young? How has Final Fantasy not come up?
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