Chex mix with yoda

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Do you think chex mix could work with yoda instead of chirrut (i dont have him)
Chirrut's role is giving tenacity up, and yoda can do the same.
CLS, han, pao, death.t, yoda


  • LynnYoda
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    thought his cleanse + HOT's where important too so would mean no wouldnt work just as well
  • Yoda isnt an attacker so you dont get the bonus offense from him when using stand alone.
  • tr1gergo
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    It works with rex, and he is no attacker nor has heal over time.
    Thats why I thought yoda could work as well as him
  • I dont see why yoda wouldnt work as a substitute if you are still working on chirrut. I was just saying that it will do less damage so it isnt ideal.
  • tr1gergo
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    I see. I started farming chirrut yesterday, but he will be a long farm to 7star.
    Everyone else I will have in a month.
  • Kiritoismyname
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    edited July 2018

    Don't need either hyoda or chirrut :V

    Ps.: Yes, that's hsith.

    Pps.: Required 4 tries, but would definitely have required A LOT more if not for the rng.

    Ppps.:- Forgot giving cls 1000 more offense. Chewie has no mods.

    Pppps.:- Used chirrut in p2 bymistakenly, so this was for giggles and stuff. :P

    Ppppps.:- Not recommended.
  • YaeVizsla
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    Chirrut is ideal, but he's not the only option.

    For Chex Mix, what you need is CLS, Han, Deathtrooper, someone to give Han offense up, and someone to give Han tenacity up. Chirrut and Pao are ideal, but not the only options. Hell, Zeb can work in place of Chirrut, if not necessarily well.
  • Pile
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    I've tried it and the damage output is significantly less
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