The 789th Legion recruitment thread - challenge ranky cleared, Asia based Heroic guild:333m 24*lsgtb

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*Challenge ranky cleared: Guild in GMT +7, 8, 9 and 10 looking for one to fill spot**

Members are a mix of PtPs and FtPs from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, China and Australia.

We are the **789th Legion** and we are doing T7 raids once every 2 days and have more than enough firepower to cover for someone with a smaller roster to come in and enjoy the loot from Heroic Tiers and to grow together. We have systems in place to allow 100% member participation.

Our Guild's Refresh/Reset for Guild Activities is at 4:30pm(GMT+8).
Minimum Requirements:
* English Speaking
* Living in a GMT +7, 8, 9 or 10 region (This is for QOL, however we do accept members from other time zones as well)
* Active Daily Player (Should be able to contribute to the cap of 600 Guild Coins daily)
* Use Discord for guild related communications
* Minimum Galactic Power of 5mil or more (However if you are close, please let me know and we can assess)

We have 30k GBCs daily so that you know your growth is assured with us.

We have all raids raids on farm and if you are looking to grow your roster with us, this is the guild to be. We currently have 333m in total Guild GP and am looking for committed folks to grow with us.

Geo Tb at 32* DS & 24* LS
22 kam shards

If you possess the minimum requirements stated above, please contact 789Hardcase#6970 on discord or drop me a PM here if you have questions.
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