Easy way to improve Bronzium Packs

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One easy way to improve the speed you can get the job done is to change the buttoms(3rd pic). Take a look at the pictures pls.

The pics display the push order and by simply exchanging the positions of the buttoms on the thrid pic, you allow us to just spam this one poistion of the screen with our thumb and everything will be awesome again.



  • I had this same thought a while back. I think the problem is that the other data cards in the store share the same UI layout. I dont know for certain, but i assume changing the button location for bronziums would also change them for the others. That could result in people accidently purchasing an extra pack with a more valuable currency. I assume the multibuy solution isnt possible for the same reason.

    If i am wrong about the changes affecting other areas, then i agree that this would be helpful. I was wondering if they could introduce a new button/screen that was specifically made to access bronziums though & then put a multibuy button on that screen. That way it wouldnt mess with other parts of the store, but idk how complicated that would be.

  • NoTime
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    im not a programmer but they should be able to let everything like it is just change the souce for the buttoms. like switching out an the source for a hyperlink
  • Waqui
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    With the current design, using an auto—clicker is made easy.
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