Sith Fighter and Ship Marquee Bundle Changes [MEGA]


  • Arcaver
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    Can we get the shards for $15 if we don't want the ship? I hate ships (not as much as STR but close) and have no interest in it. I'd rather have the Sith Assassin shards for half the price than pay $30 for an ok character and a ship I'd never use.
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  • I don’t get the price point, will pass.
  • Guess it's time to get banned. They keep touting a multi year plan and yet every decision seems short sighted and also life cycle cutting. The game is so terrible now with bugs. Every territory war I see 4 or 5 people complaining the game froze. Every territory battle a special mission is bugged and yet for no apparent reason they raise the price of conveniences. We can only hope the QA department is getting to hire it's first employee with this windfall of money.
  • Haruk
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    I'm kinda excited that this seems like it might be the Fury ship from Old Republic, which is pretty badass.

    Hope that's what this is. If not, I officially petition for this to become the Fury.
  • 3pourr2 wrote: »
    3pourr2 wrote: »
    Lol it’s an “experiment “ just like the math on these stun gun buyssj1ulzofafih.png
    Do I buy 3 salvage or spend 1000 extra crystals to buy it complete . They’re counting on us to be horrible at math and great at spending. It’s the mark 5 top left and bottom center

    50 carbanti salvage is 1400 crystals and 50 stun gun salvage is 1300 crystals. 1400+1300=2700. You save 159 crystals by buying a fully crafted stun gun.

    Well said thanks the extra crystal are the projector so no real savings at all

    If you’re buying mk1 holoprojectors for 159 crystals you’re doing something incredibly wrong.
  • Unbelievable.
  • Gamorrean
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    What is a 3* to 4* ship going to change anyways?
    I don’t see why anyone would buy this, sorry to say
  • Foxer wrote: »
    I’m still confused at the sith assasin Pilot??? But hey I’m pretty sure death trooper never piloted a ship either.

    I do like this system as well but think their should be both options of with or without Pilot. As I have a 6* assassin I would like to finish off and grab the 7* ship if feasible (of course depending on kit).

    He was in the Tie Reaper in Rogue One
  • $$$$$EA$$$$$$$ At its best
  • Jenjhys
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    50 shards for 30$... for this price, 330 shars will be more honest
  • Palanthian
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    So you want me to pay an extra £20 for some shards of a character I've had at 7* for over a year? Right, good luck with that. How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me. This is more like "old CG" value, I thought we'd moved past this kind of silliness.
  • Nauros
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    Nice, more Sith stuff. Now we need the Ravager as a Sith capital ship.
    Concerning the pack, I might consider buying one if it was the same as usual. As it is, I am not spending extra for a character I already have 7*. Hope this experiment shows them that this is not the way to go.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • Shame the community manager can't manage the bean counters.

    Pass from me. I'll get to Assassin when I feel like farming it. Not the ship will have much use "out of the box" anyway, unless it's horrendously OP.

    Hey, it's still better than MSF
  • Shame the community manager can't manage the bean counters

    It certainly is the bean counters that have control of this game, and they know how to milk a whale...

    They wont be getting any cash off me, not until the Sith Raid is fixed (or even acknowledged would be a start) but to be honest every proper whale will already have a likely G12 SA, so if they go and buy this then i can only say "Grats, EA have you on Farm status".

    Your not farming me though
  • Well - another possiblity would have been, to launch the SithAssassin Marquee Event a second time for all who do not have Sith Assassin yet... or just for all players... but that would have meant lower income...

    Btw, in german the "Marquee Events" are named "Wiederkehrendes Event" - which means "reccuring event" - so, when will this happen ?! All Marquee Event have this title in german !
  • Spang
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    Nauros wrote: »
    I buy most 9.99 packs, but will hard pass this one. Pricepoints seems to be spun from a "CG Wheel of Cost". Didn't know the games RNG applied to their pricing structure.

    It's not random. Normal marquee pack is 10 bucks for 25 shards, this one is 30 bucks for 25+50 shards, so the price per shard is consistent. The problem is that a lot of people don't need/want SA shards, so it is basically extra price for no benefit.

    Incorrect. Normal marquee pack is $10 for 30 shards. This one is $30 for 30+50 shards, meaning it's 10 shards less, so the price per shard is not consistent. The other part of your statement is correct.
  • Ebbda
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    I'm a nice chap, so I'll kindly save CG some time and help them see how the experiment is going to pan out.

    I spotted one so far willing to pay $30. I also, however, saw several more say they would pay $10 for the blueprints alone.

    Say 6. Just a number. So conclusion: if you take this as a full overview you're making half the money. Players will back you financially on affordable packs they feel benefit their progression.

    I hope this helps and we see a $10 pack with blueprints alone and a separate pack for pilots.
  • LynnYoda
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    looks like they are now aiming packs at new whales and hoping they can bleed them dry rather than looking to give the older players something to buy.
    i would love to meet the person that thinks players are going to spend £30 for shard shop currency and not even a lot of it at that
    no thanks im another who will pass
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