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    @CG_TopHat @CG_Carrie how about some answers please

    They'll give you an answer next time somebody discovers another strategy. By nerfing it.

    You'd think a little player ingenuity should be rewarded.

    Not like everybody has the fat stacks to pull this off anyway and paper zombie actually saves some.
    Hey, it's still better than MSF
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    @CG_TopHat @CG_Carrie how about some answers please

    Answer: "After further consideration we've decided to eliminate expose from the game. Enjoy the raid."

    As players wanted - we reworked the Sith raid. Resistance teams will only do half damage and ns will do no damage. Also- Han Solo gain tm on his special shot and have perma daze when entering the encounter.
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    I'm not sure any of you understand what's the problem in here. The thing is not about Isolate on raid boss but about the combination of it with Assaj's lead and Acolyte unique and basic. All of that combine make her go to 100% health, lose it all because of bonds of weakness, gain it all on a second heal and lose it all again. Which make her gain 50% TM two times so that she's in a loop.

    The fix is to nerf isolate, not asaj lead. That's what the uproar is over. They are essentially nullifying the 4 zeta investment (not to mention gear) that 90% of us would never have spent if it weren't for the raid

    Or even add to acolytes kit “-50% chance against raid bosses” wow that was easy and no uproar.

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    I'm not sure any of you understand what's the problem in here. The thing is not about Isolate on raid boss but about the combination of it with Assaj's lead and Acolyte unique and basic. All of that combine make her go to 100% health, lose it all because of bonds of weakness, gain it all on a second heal and lose it all again. Which make her gain 50% TM two times so that she's in a loop.

    The fix is to nerf isolate, not asaj lead. That's what the uproar is over. They are essentially nullifying the 4 zeta investment (not to mention gear) that 90% of us would never have spent if it weren't for the raid

    Exactly. I just zeta’d her lead today and now it’s a pointless zeta... I WANT MY ZETA BACK!!
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    Armatores wrote: » This is video where technic is explained. And in this video stated, that NS acolite has a small chance to go out of stealth and then fun is over. So, CG, please explain, how you can call something that have chance be breaken "INFINITE" loop??? Do you know meaning of this word? It mean something that can last forever, but with smallest chance to be interrupted calling it INFINITE is obvious lie. Why you lie to us, CG? Waiting for answer with impatience @CG_SBCrumb

    After Watching the video, I totally understand why CG acted upon this. Really takes the fun out of the game.
  • If they nerfed chex mix the raid could only be done by like 2 guilds.
  • Take away the lifesteal from isolation on raid bosses and the whole issue is fixed.
  • I spent a zeta on daka for this team. I wouldn't have done it otherwise.
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    Goodness, all this grief from a bunch of people that couldn't even do this anyway. It's like being upset with Bentley because they decided to remove cup holders. You dont have Bentley so no worries.

    The solo team isn't the issue. The issue is the massive nerf to NS teams

    It's not that massive, at least not in heroic. A fully geared zombie with Asaj lead still will easily put up 2 mil damage in phase 4 which is where most guilds use NS anyway. So to get past DN portion 10 people need to attack now instead of 5, not a huge deal. I mean, changing mechanics stinks but it's not the end of the world. Prior to the you tube video I never even used acolyte in sith raid.

    I get everyone's frustration, just think it's a little over the top. NS squads will still destroy DN in phase 4, you just remove stacks at 15. Always my strategy anyway and my poorly moddedd squad never did less that 2 mil but usually did around 2.5.
  • Have CG actually said what their proposed fix is?
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    Have CG actually said what their proposed fix is?

    Yes, you cant regen more than 90% of your health IF Traya has more than 20 stacks of BOW
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    NS are used for more than just sith raid. They are used a lot in my arena shard and other areas of the game. Stop nerfing toons and changing stuff around after you have taken everyones money. Bunch of scammers. This is happening all too much with this game. Heres an idea, stopping rushing new content down our throats constsntly and fix the problems you already have and hire people who know what they are doing. In all seriousness you have made enough money to keep this game running for the next 50 years without selling anything. SlOW down!!!! Im hesitant spending money on toons and gear because of this. Ok rant over.
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    They need to be VERY careful with this. I run a G12 Zombie, but I still chose to give Ventress my lead zeta instead of Talzin because of the zombie/Ventress synergy. I'm going to be extremely angry if they mess that up.
    Also, I'm not a fan of CG dropping big news like this at the end of the workday on a Friday. All it does it make people pi$$ed at them and want to quit the game.

    Every announcement they ever make that isn't going to make everyone happy is done this way. They always drop bad news at 4 o'clock Friday before leaving. I'm sure we'll all get substantial compensation, or whatever it was, for our efforts in a team that they decided to nerf.
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    @CG_TopHat 20 stacks? Is that your final answer?

    No, it's not my final answer. It's my answer for now as we monitor how the change impacts the player base. We recognize it's a pretty big change and want to see how it performs over time.
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    @CG_SBCrumb, this change/nerf to Asajj’s leader zeta (and hinting at a unique zeta change) majorly impacts the P4 strategy that has widely been promoted by “game changers” you all sponsor and have even made guest appearances on their YouTube channels. Nightsister P4 strategy has been known for almost the entirety of the Sith raid and you wait until most of us have leveled up these characters and spent the Zetas on them to “fix the issue” caused by the hundred or so people that have a 7 Star Traya.

    Will we be given back the gear, zetas, or $ wasted on this? Will there be a “fix” for the large amount of damage done by the New Jedi teams? Please tell us now before those that are thinking of buying waste their money. But you’ll probably wait till those that will already make the purchase.
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    "Our philosophy on this change is that in a game about progression and powering up your characters, wanting to move backwards is antithetical to the spirit of the game and it creates a significant disadvantage to people who leveled past this point without knowing of the strategy in advance. Progressing a character should always feel good." - the Devs

    I totally agree with nerfing the Acolyte cheese in P4 of the HSR for all the reasons the devs mentioned, and in particular the social aspect. That cheese will create a mess in a lot of guilds.

    Nerfing the zombie is not something I agree with. If the devs wanted to nerf the zombie they should have done it shortly after zombie release. It took about 30 seconds to read the kit and see the synergies were better for weak zombie. At this point, player's progression - the choices they make about what resources to use and what direction to spend their time, labor, and even money is tied up in the framework the devs have established and allowed to remain. The devs cannot speak credibly about player "progression" while promoting any such nerf. Whatever players may personally feel about paper zombie, consider the credibility of the idea of progression and the integrity of strategic resource choices. Those choices are, in essence, what most of the actual gameplay is. The game is one of choices. These kinds of nerfs undermine the integrity of the game and all players stand to lose from them. The dynamics should stand, and the window is closing to nerf Nest and Shan as well.

    The devs have made clear that they do not intend for lower level toons to be so effective, particularly in PvP. And there are some elements of gameplay fairness to that. But what is really at stake - and let's not dance around this - is that marquee toons are a source of revenue and if you don't have to buy the shards (or in the case of zombie, even gear them) they don't maximize their revenue potential. For Zombie the issue should be closed. If devs want to do something about it, refund some crystals to the people who didn't carefully read the NS kits and leveled their zombies. That is the most fair way to handle this that doesn't punish players twice for developer mistakes. The devs can fix Shan and Nest soon, but each day that passes players spend and make choices related to the reality that devs have established and it quickly reaches a point where nerfs undermine the spirit of progression and the essence of the game that devs purport to defend.

    I also want to say that historically I have really appreciated the balance the devs have struck between F2P and P2P success. P2P can increase the rate of progression and roster expansion, and can pay to get sometimes game-changing marquee toons sooner. F2P can make smart choices and remain competitive in many game modes with P2P, and have access to more rare legendaries.

    But the legendaries have stopped. We've been inundated with marquee toons. And the devs are not only signalling nerfs that run contrary to the spirit of a game based on choices and long-term planning but vaguely gesturing toward a massive negation of player progress for mod collectors. All while the devs have been consistently moving the goal posts for success further away in modes like TB, a direct assault on the idea of player progress.

    All of this speaks to, in my mind, the developer mistake of releasing of over-rewarding HSR success and the new reality of competition in developed arena shards after the changeover to a rock-paper-scissors dynamic (a change that is competitively healthy but not necessarily revenue healthy).

    With so much new gear being attainable so easily for advanced guilds and veteran F2P and P2P alike through the HSR the incentive to spend has been lower. I would not be surprised if the dev's HSR mistake noticeably effected revenue projections. Compounding this is an arena reality where veteran F2P with deep rosters can figure out how to defeat P2P player's new, fully geared marquee toons in less than 12 hours and use existing toons to beat them. For the upper tier of players in this game there has been less reason to spend than ever. And while some of these might be business mistakes, in a gaming sense this is because players have been progressing.

    But CG cannot credibly talk about being defenders of game progression while guilds working to complete TB have the goal post constantly shifted with the release of marquee toons - something that directly undermines the idea of progression. They cannot credibly talk about progression while teasing a system with new mod components that will not only negate the progress of mod collectors who have been working to put ideal and final mod sets on all their toons in their quest for an end-game, and not only that, potentially fully and finally move the game to a true two tier competitive reality where people who don't spend to upgrade their mods are suddenly obsolete in relation to the whales (unless these new mod components are not farmable and not purchaseable, like zetas). And to be clear, the shift that would be created in game dynamics for an improperly released and P2P favoring mod change would be dramatically different than simply introducing new gear. They cannot talk about progression by negating the plans and choices players have made in response to the game CG has created. But these kinds of changes do do one thing, unrelated to progress - they make it so that when you spend money you see an immediate and potent advantage, and the more money you spend the more of an advantage you get to the point where spending enough will make you undefeatable excepting against players who have spent roughly the same amount as you.

  • How can you not know an answer? How do you not have people that work for you that can run the numbers and figure it out in minutes. If you rely on empirical data to test these things, it's no wonder you don't see them coming. You blindly create and wait for the community to stumble upon your errors, wait 7 months for players to invest in them, and then change it... why....
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